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Christmas Mini Sessions 2023 will be released to the early bird mailing list on 29th September at 9pm!!! Then they'll be on general sale on 30th September at 9pm (if there's any left). Giving those on the mailing list a 24 hour advantage to book. And I'll be honest, we've never not sold them all to this list so make sure you're on it as they usually always sell within 20 minutes, guaranteed. We haven't even advertised them to the public for the last couple of years AT ALL.

However, there's only 18 spaces left out of 75, due to almost everyone from last year booking there and then at their session from knowing how limited slots are. We already have a long waiting list, and because so many people miss out each year I'm giving plenty of notice this time, especially since we've been getting lots of messages asking when they're going to be released.

By popping your details onto the mailing list it means you will be the first to hear about the Christmas sessions, and will receive an email straight to your inbox with details and a link to book, a whole day before they get announced on socials. Please note, you are not committing to a shoot by signing up, you're just giving yourself a fighting chance at getting a slot for Christmas 2023, wahoo!!

Christmas 2022 - Wonderland Theme_edited.jpg
Christmas Ornaments
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