S I G N   U P

Christmas mini sessions sell out within 48 hours every year without fail, so this year I've created a mailing list. This means, by popping your details in the box to the right you will be the first to hear about them, and receive an email straight to your inbox with details and a link to book, a whole day before they get announced to the general public.

We will be doing even less this year due to COVID and the new regulations. We have to spread them out meaning we'll be offering only half of he usual slots which we understand is a massive drop and the reason we're booking them on a first come, first served basis.

The early bird release will be on 27th August, and the general release (if there's any left) will be on 28th August. So set reminders if you don't want to miss out as when they're gone, they're gone.

Christmas Mini Sessions Leicester.jpg
Christmas Mini Sessions Nottingham.jpg
Christmas Mini Sessions Loughborough.jpg