Please read the details of this prep guide carefully before attending your photoshoot, it will help it run much smoother.
Don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions.

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Inspirique Baby Photography

27A Market Place, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1XD

(we are between EE & Cardzone)


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As you can imagine, slow and careful is the order of the day. We go at baby's pace and allow plenty of time for feeding and rocking back to sleep, which all leads up to the session taking up to four hours. However, the average session is around two and a half hours. This seems like a long time when you think about it, but every parent says how the time just flies. Make the most of a few hours doing nothing, it doesn't happen often as a parent. 
When you arrive, you will be offered a hot or cold drink as you take a seat and get settled in. I will ask you to undress your baby whilst I'm making drinks. If he/ she needs a a milk top up we will begin the session with this. I am more than happy to give your baby their bottle if you are comfortable with me doing so, or you can get comfy in the nursing chair if breastfeeding. Either way, once they are full, I'll take your baby from you, awake or asleep and begin the process of settling and posing. This is your chance to sit back and relax, read a book/ magazine, watch something on your iPad, or just enjoy watching me do my thing.
I will let you know when I have enough photos, and make sure I've got everything you wanted. I'll then give baby back to you and the session will come to an end. Before you leave we'll schedule your viewing in, so you have a date and time set of when you can come back to see your images, which is usually around 2 weeks later.


Newborn sessions are recommended to be done before 6 weeks from their due date (so we count an 8 week old baby that was 2 weeks early just 6 weeks). While babies are still in that sleepy and curly stage. After this time, they tend to be disturbed more easily while sleeping and it is not as easy to get the typical newborn poses therefore that style of imagery is not guaranteed.



It is essential that the studio is kept heated for the comfort of your baby. Newborns tend to loose their body temperature fairly quickly once they're unclothed, so it's important to keep them warm enough at all times. We do not feel the cold as much as the baby therefore we may seem hot and bothered which is why it's best for parents to dress in layers to remain as comfortable as possible.


It is very helpful to me if you can interact with your baby before arriving at your session and keep them awake for as long as possible. A bath is a great way to keep them alert in the morning running up to the session. This will help the baby sleep later while in the studio. Capturing the baby during awake times is ideal as well, but I prefer to have them asleep during the first part of the session. It's less likely that we'll get certain poses such as curled and propped up while your newborn is awake. Baby needs to be in a deep sleep for these to work, and most importantly, to be carried out safely.

It is important to remain calm during the session, even if your baby cries, which will most likely happen at some point. They sense when parents get stressed and in return will become frustrated themselves. They key is to be patient and relaxed. A quiet and peaceful environment is essential for a successful session. If at any point I feel your baby needs their Mummy or Daddy I'll give him/ her back to you for a cuddle. I'll never allow your baby to be distressed and I know the difference between a 'moany and annoyed' cry because I'm moving them, to an 'upset and uncomfortable' cry where they need soothing. 

Please make sure your baby has been fed within 30 minutes prior to arriving at the studio. If you need to give them a top up when you arrive that's absolutely fine. If baby has a full tummy, they're likely to sleep longer which will result in better photographs and a smoother session.

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As mentioned, we go at baby's pace and they totally run the show. There is no telling how long a session will last as babies are unpredictable. I ask parents not to make plans until late afternoon incase the shoot is longer than expected.

It's very rare babies will just sleep from start to finish, so please do not get frustrated if it seems like it's taking a while for your baby to settle. It all takes time, but we'll get there eventually. 

Bring lots of milk and patience and you will be rewarded with the most beautiful memories of this very special time in your lives. A few hours is nothing when it will create images of your bundle that go way beyond a portrait.



Complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water and juice is offered throughout your session. However if you wish to bring along any other food/ drink for you to snack on during your session please feel free to do so. The studio is in the centre of town and there's plenty of cafes, shops and bakery's nearby for you to grab something from before arriving.

Although I may require assistance from one parent for the occasional pose (to 'spot' baby if I move too far away), there really isn't much else to do other than sit back, relax and watch. Therefore I welcome you to bring books/ magazines/ iPads etc to keep yourself busy. There is an Alexa in the studio which you're welcome to change to suit your music taste.

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I supply all of the backdrops, furniture, hats, outfits, headbands and wraps for the session, but if you have anything in-particular you would like included in a photograph you are welcome to bring this along. Please note, using your own props will replace one of mine, so only use things you would like a professional photo of, and do not 'waste' a unique set from us for something you could take at home. 

I am always open to new ideas but be aware that I will not use anything that will harm, irritate or look awkward or controversial (guns etc) on your newborn. If you see something you like in any of the galleries, be sure to mention it before your session so we can set up accordingly.

I am happy for you to make suggestions on photo ideas that you may have seen on Pinterest and wish to recreate, that still remain within my usual style. Please understand that every pose I do depends on how well your baby cooperates and how safe it is for them. I judge this baby by baby and I cannot guarantee any position for this reason.


As you probably know, your baby will be naked for part of the photoshoot as this is the style of newborn photography. This is of course done in a professional manner and no private areas are ever photographed. If by accident these are captured on camera, it's be destroyed and never published. The most you ever see is part of a babies bottom as you can see from the photos. For this reason I usually ask parents to get baby used to being naked so it's not such a shock to them on the day. If it's the first time he/ she has been left naked for long periods of time they may feel uncomfortable and become unsettled.

If you do not want your baby to be nude at all, I can put an outfit on them and pose him/ her clothed instead. Please make this known on your questionnaire or at least prior to your shoot so I can prepare clothing choices for each set in advance.



A lot of parents worry about their baby settling during the shoot and wonder what happens if they won't sleep as planned. If you follow my tips regarding getting them used to no clothing, and feeding then 9/10 times this should be enough.

However, if your baby is wide awake but content, I'll continue the photoshoot and we'll get lots of shots with their eyes open which are just as beautiful. If your baby continues to cry then we can try extra feeds and longer soothing. This is where having patience comes into play.

In the 9 years of photographing newborns I've only ever had to reschedule one session and that was one of my first ever photoshoots when I wasn't as confident in knowing I'll get the photos in the end. Babies always give in before I do.


Absolutely no outside cameras are permitted in the studio, this is a strict rule. You may take 'behind the scenes' photographs and videos which I ask you to credit Inspirique when posting online. But the photos and videos must be of the overall set up and me taking a photo of your baby. You cannot take photos of just baby on the set without context.

It is important to let me know when you take these so I do not also take a photo at the same time. Some devices affect my equipment which causes interference between my camera and the light, meaning the flash will not fire correctly and will result in your professional images to be lit in a dull yellow colour, which lower the overall quality. If I later discover this has happened I will not offer a complimentary reshoot.

So whilst we encourage you to take a couple for social media content and your memories. Please remember that you're paying me to do the photoshoot so you don't need to document every single moment. Relax, have a cuppa, watch your baby be photographed and take it all in.

If you do post a behind the scenes photo of your newborn photoshoot and check in and tag us. We'll give you a free print in return as a thank you for the little promo.

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If you are breastfeeding your newborn, there are some foods you can avoid for the 48 hours prior to your photoshoot, which may make your baby gassy and cause them to be unsettled. The following are just suggestions and are in no way medical advice. These are advisories from a breastfeeding peer supporter only, please never go against the advice of your doctor/ midwife.

Foods to avoid while breastfeeding: chocolate, spices (cinnamon, garlic, curry and chilli pepper), citrus fruits and their juices (oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit), strawberries, kiwifruit, pineapple, the "gassy" veggies (onion, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers and peppers), fruits with laxative effect (cherries and prunes) and too much caffeine.



I encourage parent portraits with your new baby, and these are usually done at the very end as it doesn't matter if the baby is awake or asleep. The baby can be nude or clothes depending on your image preference. 

A lot of Mums don't feel themselves after giving birth and are anxious about having their photo taken, but I always say it's best to take one and never buy it, than to regret not doing it at all. After all, these photos aren't just for you, they're for your baby too. He/ she won't care that you had bags and were carrying a few extra pounds, they'll just see their parent lovingly holding them.

Please see the 'clothing' section for advice on what to wear for your family photos.

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If you have any other children, although the focus is on your new bundle, I'm sure you'd love a couple of images of them together, and as a whole family too. I encourage this and they're more than welcome to come along. However, the session can last a while and little people get very bored, very quickly and we need peace and quiet throughout the shoot.

Children are welcome to stay for the duration of the photoshoot but I do ask that you keep them entertained as I need my full attention on your baby with no interuptions. There is a park just a couple of minutes away, and the studio is surrounded by shops and places to ear. 

Neutral coloured clothing is recommended for sibling photos (tops with jeans or dresses). The more texture the better (knit, lace etc). If you want more of an artistic look I can use wraps for girls, and topless for boys. They'll be barefoot so no need to look for clean shoes. Please avoid character clothing, as well as patterns and logos.

This clothing advice is for the sibling photos only, please see the 'clothing' section for further advice in regards to family photos as you may need to bring more than one outfit for children.


I've had a few fur babies join in on some family and sibling images, as they're family too right!? As long as your pet behaves, and you take full responsibility for them then you're welcome to bring them in for a photo or two. However due to health and safety I ask that they are only present for their photos and not throughout the whole session just to limit the length of time they are in the studio.



When your baby is photographed unclothed, it is likely they will pee and/ or poop at least once during the session (usually on me). Your baby won't be the first, and certainly not the last. Some parents are surprised and unprepared for this so please do not worry or panic about it, I'm used to it. Everything is washed after each session anyway, whether it's been messed on or not.


On the morning of the photoshoot, please put a loose nappy and clothing on your baby, so when he/ she is undressed there's no nappy marks left on the skin.

I kindly ask you to dress your baby in 'easily removable' clothing, so nothing that goes over their head, just a onesie and no baby grow would be great. This is just to not disturb them if they're sleeping on arrival because anything that requires baby to move, such as lifting arms out and over their heads tends to wake them.

Parents should wear plain and complimenting clothing. If you have selected a cream backdrop, I suggest neutral clothing such as whites, beiges, and light greys, or bolder colours like navy's, deep greens etc. If you've selected a dark grey backdrop, I suggest darker clothing such as black, greys, navy's and dark greens, although white looks great on grey too. If you want a more artistic look, you can remove clothing on your top half so arms and shoulders are on show (chest and tummy would be covered). 

Whatever colours you decide on, please make sure they match or compliment eachother. One parent in bright pink and the other in lime green creates quite an eye sore. Same goes is siblings are joining in, please ensure they are colour coordinated with parents too. Please avoid wearing clothing with images, patterns and logos. Especially if you want to be 'photoshopped'.

Parents are so often preparing for the baby's spare clothing incase of an accident that they forget to do the same for themselves. So I advise you to bring a spare change of clothes for yourself too incase the accident happens to be on you. It's probably not a good idea to come wearing the clothes you want to be photographed in as you will be sat in these for a couple of hours and feeding/ burping baby whilst wearing them. I'll give you a heads up when it's almost time for your photos so you can go and change don't worry.

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Your baby's safety is my number one priority, and at no time will your little bundle be put at risk or forced into a position they do not want to do. Most poses are possible with a sleepy baby, however, no poses are guaranteed. If your baby seems in discomfort in a certain position I will not make them uncomfortable for the sake of getting one photo as it will stress them out and possibly harm them, which just isn't worth it.I ask you to put your trust into me to handle and pose your baby. I am fully trained and your baby is in safe hands.

You can read more about safety and how composites work



Just bring your usual bag of bits, such as nappies, wipes, muslin, dummy, milk, refreshments and clothing. It's also worth bringing spare clothes incase baby messes on you. 

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Inspirique holds copyright to all of the photographs taken during the session. It is illegal to scan, copy or reproduce the images in any way. This includes copying images from any form of social media such as Facebook, Instagram or the website. This matter is taken very seriously which is why you are asked to sign the legally binding contract abiding by these rules. Fines start at £150,000 as part of the copyright law. When purchasing digital images you will be given a legal print release in which you are granted permission to print at your leisure. However, copyright still remains with the photographer.

I also kindly ask you not to screenshot videos from your session as this will look like a very poor quality photograph of mine, which I do not want viewers to think that this is what I produce. Please do not add filters to images you upload as the colouring looks very different to the original photos I spend hours editing. Again, I wouldn't want anybody to think this is the work I produce. Finally, the same goes for cropping images, particularly on Instagram when I often see images cropped to square (there's a way to show the full photo, see top tips below). When cropping square you often have to crop out part of the set, or sometimes babies body etc and this doesn't look like a good quality finished photo. I appreciate your cooperation.


Join the Inspirique Facebook VP group for client only treats throughout the year. This group is private, and is different to my public page. It will not be updated daily with the latest images etc.It will occasionally have offers and promotions for group members only, and you will get first refusal on any mini sessions I do before they are released to the general public, such as first dibs at Christmas and Easter etc.

Any future collaborations I do with other local baby businesses, you'll be given the discount within the group. Sometimes these businesses give my customers freebies too.

I often need models to come in to try out new photoshoot ideas so I'll always post within this group to use an existing client as I'd rather you guys get the free photoshoots. 



To give a little something back to my wonderful clients, I've created a referral program. Each referral earns £50, this means every time you recommend one of your friends to use my services, (whether it be for maternity, birth, newborn, sitter or cake smash). If they book using your name, you will BOTH get £25 credit to spend at Inspirique.

You can use this on prints, wall art of future photoshoots, anything at all, and your friend can put it towards their chosen package at their viewing, which will help.

There's no limit at all to how many friends you can recommend, it's a simple £25 every time. You can also allow this to build up so for example if you refer 4 friends, that's £100 you would have built up to spend in one go, or you can spend as you go, the choice is yours.


Once your session is completed, I will process the images to the highest standard. I edit the mages down to give you a range to choose from and spend time turning the images into beautiful art work that you can proudly display in your home. There will be a mixture of black and white and colour. I will choose what best suits the images based on the skin tones and the range of fabrics, colours and textures that have been used in the styling.

As I know you will be dying to see some photos, I will get a sneak preview to you within a couple of days. I will post this onto our Facebook page as it's a great way to share with your friends and family and also helps me share my latest work with potential customers. By doing this, you'll also receive a free print of the image. However, if you wish to keep your images private, this is no problem and I'll keep them a surprise until your viewing. Please make sure you inform me of your wish not to have your baby online in advance.

At the end of the session we arrange a date and time for you to come back to view your images, which will be a couple of weeks after the session date. You will then be sent an email confirmation with full information on what to expect at your viewing.

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The viewing is where you come back to view your edited gallery on a slide show displayed on screen with a cuppa. I will talk you through each package to help you decide which is best for you. 

During the viewing we complete an order form listing your chosen products and images, which you are to be paid and signed for there and then (payment plans are available, please ask).

After your viewing, your order will be processed by us and will be ready to collect in a few short weeks. Prints take around 2 weeks and wall art takes around 4, but we will advise you of current timescales when ordering.



You probably already have a rough idea in mind of which package you're going for and what type of wall art you're having with it although you do not need to decide until on the day of the viewing. I strongly recommend you discuss this before your appointment so you're not on the spot when it comes to talking about money. So discuss budget (then your actual budget, as people always get more than they think), and decide where you'd like your artwork to hang in pride of place. Majority of customers order the premium package and at least one piece of wall art.

You'll receive more info on how to prepare for this in your viewing confirmation don't worry.