Why do photographers not like you cropping, editing or screenshotting their images?

Whilst most clients do this, and will probably unfortunately continue to do this, I wanted to make a point of writing a post to simply let you all see this from a photographers point of view. I understand the majority of clients won't know the frustration this causes us, and that's okay, you weren't to know. But now you do know, will you respect your photographer enough to take note of the below?

So you've had your photoshoot, and you're dying to see the images. When they are finally shown to you, either by a sneaky peak on social media, or as an online gallery, I bet you can't wait to show them off can you? Well that's great! Of course us photographers want you to be so pleased with your images that you want to make them your profile/ cover photo's etc. BUT, there's one downside, clients tend to take screenshots, instragram them with awful filters, or crop the logo out for their profile pictures, and it can be quite disheartening. Here's why...

Screen Shots

When you screenshot an image from our page and re-upload it onto your profile. We LOVE the fact that you like the photo enough to want to share it with your friends, but.. When you take a screenshot, it more often than not leaves that horrible black banner on the top and bottom of the image, which looks horrible and as if it's part of an image. Also, a screenshot will create a lot of pixelation, it won't be that clean, crisp, sharp image, as if Facebook didn't create enough blur on images already, but that's a whole other story. So when you re-upload, we are glad you are happy to share our work, but are mortified at the quality and would hate viewers to think that's how our look. It could actually put potential customers off if they think that's how our images turn out.

Editing & Filters

When you hire your photographer, you are hiring them not only for their amazing images, but for their editing style. So when you attempt to edit an image yourself, you are not only going against legal photography copyright laws, but you are changing the way the image was supposed to look. Even the simple colour to black and white edit won't look like the photographers work, as we don't just click 'change to black and white', each photographer has their own technique in the way they edit, and by you editing and adding filters is not a true reflection of our work.