Do you struggle with marketing your business? Whether it be social media marketing, blogging, website SEO or anything in between? Would you like to know how to create more of a presence online, and be successful at it? I am writing a complete guide to marketing explaining everything you need to know to get yourself more online exposure. Please feel free to join my exclusive Facebook group for updates, more information and release date! Okay so why have I chosen to do this marketing guide? And why should you be buying it? There's so many out there, why would you possibly choose mine? Well here's a little bit of background on me..I am a photographer, designer & crafter, running two businesses, my main one is a photographer. It's taken me years and years to get to where I am, and when I started out there wasn't anything like this to literally guide me, I had to make my mistakes, learn from them, and figure it all out for myself. It took some doing, I've attended marketing, social media and SEO courses which have certainly helped along the way, but geez they're expensive, worth it, but expensive! So this is why I wanted to create something at a very reasonable price, which is affordable for the average person, because let's face it, not everyone has a spare £500 lying around for an intense marketing course. I have a degree in Graphic Design & Creative Advertising, and my partner has a degree in Advertising & Marketing, as well as his own business in this field. So with our knowledge combined, I am going to write this e-guide, from a photographers point of view. Most marketing guides are very general and not about a specific topic and doesn't cover everything in much detail. There will also be ideas, and tips and ticks on each topic, based around photography.

The good thing about this e-guide is that you can download it, and read it in your own time, day or night, and as many times as you like. So you can take it all in at your own pace. There will also be an exclusive group which you can add yourself too once you've downloaded the guide, where you can have my fu

ll support and ask as many questions as you like, so the advice will not stop at the download process.I really hope this e-guide will help you and your business, and ultimately increase your profits! Jade x ​

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