Different types of maternity photoshoots

As you may know, I offer three types of maternity photoshoots, I offer standard pregnancy photography, maternity milk baths, and flour sessions. All three are equally as beautiful, but I will explain the difference below so you can decide which package best suits you and your style.

These are the maternity photography packages I offer:

And here's the difference...

Regular maternity photoshoot

This is your everyday bump photoshoot, the standard images you imagine when you think of pregnancy photography. A photoshoot which focusses on your bump to represent the beautiful life growing inside of you. These can be done in the studio or outdoor, with or without your partner/ children, and wearing as much or as little as you like. We will get around 10-20 images with this session, more so if your partner/ children join in as there will be more variety. Here's some examples below of a regular maternity photoshoot:

Milk bath maternity photoshoot

This isn't something you see everyday, and may sound a little odd to some, but such beautiful, simplistic and elegant images are produced from this type of session. A milk bath is literally what it says, a bath, full of milk. You will lay in the tub, either naked (but covered), in underwear, or with a wrap - however you feel most comfortable. Surrounded by lovely fresh flowers, and white water. We will get around 5-10 images with this session. Here's some examples below of a milk bath maternity photoshoot:

Maternity powder photoshoot