Twins Seraya & Aaran - Newborn/ Smiler Photoshoot

Although Seraya & Aaran were booked for a newborn photoshoot, due to the national lockdown, they were 4 months old by the time they got to come for their professional photos. So they were at the age we'd usually class as our smiler milestone sessions. Although I was determined to still get some newborn style images!!

The twins were joined by their big sister Serena, who had her very own newborn photoshoot with me just 3 years ago, and as you'll see from the images, she's a very proud big Sis. The twins were also born on Serena's birthday meaning they'll share their 18th & 21st together, how lovely is that?

Seraya & Aaran were quite alert as you can see here, they didn't want to miss anything if they shut their eyes. But they were so chilled, allowing me to do my thing and were so focussed on the camera resulting in some beautiful images!!

Here is a small selection of images from their photoshoot on 27th July 2020...

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