C-sections ARE real births!

February 25, 2017


There is a post that went viral about a 'birth photographer' refusing to photograph a c-section saying it's not birth. Some of you may have seen it doing its rounds, see below. It genuinely upset me to think somebody wouldn't consider a c-section a real birth, whether it be planned or emergency, it is absolutely a birth.


I do not consider it in any way, shape or form the 'easy option' or 'cutting corners' as this photographer states. It's just a different form of birth, and doesn't make you less of a mother. Sometimes women do not have a choice in the matter, and it may be their only option to get their baby here safe, and sometimes women may choose this way as their bodies just weren't meant to push our their precious bundle.


I've only ever photographed vaginal births, however at least 50% of my clients have c-sections. Every single mother, no matter how you BIRTHED your baby. You did birth them.


So you lovely mothers that do have c-section births, please DO NOT listen to the nonsense. You underwent major surgery to give your beautiful baby life, you were strong and brave, and that's pretty incredible!


So no matter how you brought your child into this world, you absolutely BIRTHED them <3