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 At Inspirique Baby Photography, we are fully trained to handle and pose your baby safely and I can promise you, your bundle will never be put in any danger. I guarantee that you and your baby will feel completely comfortable at all times, knowing you are coming to a qualified photography studio that specialises in just babies. You will find cheaper photographers out there but remember, specialists aren't cheap for a reason. We dedicate 100% of our time and effort into perfecting our skill so you know you're coming to a safe place. You're trusting somebody with the most precious thing in your life, your baby, and you can't put a price on that. 



Jade is probably the most friendly and professional photographer we've ever met/ used. She seems to have the magic touch with babies and gets incredible images every time. It's obvious why she's won so many awards.

- Riley Schofield


An experience you are blessed with for such a short amount of time in your life, the miracle of the new life growing inside of you. Maternity photography creates once in a lifetime memories - you can’t get them back! And it's not until after your baby is born that you'll regret not having them done. That's why I offer them completely free with the deluxe creative newborn photoshoot package. Photographs trigger memories, feelings, emotions and will help you remember your bump more vividly.. Once it's gone, it's gone. Not only is is a beautiful memory and a keepsake for yourself and your partner, but for when your child is older, to see images of their pregnant Mummy as they were developing inside of you will be an amazing feeling. Maternity photoshoots are carried out in your third trimester, and are beautiful, once in a lifetime memories of your fabulous bump.


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Multi award winning baby photographer based in Melton Mowbray, which is easily accessible from Leicester, Nottingham, Grantham and Rutland. Capturing priceless memories throughout your pregnancy and journey into parenthood. And most importantly, fully qualified and trained in newborn safety and posing. You want the best for you baby, and I will give you the best.


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Although I specialise in newborn photography, I also offer sitter sessions for when your baby is around 6 months, and cake smashes to celebrate their first birthday. However, I do not accept new customers for these, so if you book a maternity or newborn photoshoot, you're instantly on the VIP list to be able to book these future sessions. There's a special offer for booking all three sessions too...


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Where you have your newborns photos taken matters. As a Mum myself, I know how you may be feeling after giving birth. You might be exhausted, a little stressed or anxious and most likely still a little uncomfortable. I know first hand that when you leave the house with a newborn, everything is for show - the hair, the makeup, the smiles. This is why the whole experience is designed with you in mind too, not just your baby. The private studio is warm, cosy and comfortable, and an atmosphere you can relax and really be yourself in. You don't have to pretend to have your sh*t together with me, come as you are and take the time to have a hot drink whilst I work my magic with your baby.

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