My own maternity photoshoot...

Since I always post your beautiful bumps, I thought it was only fair that I posted my own and practice what I preach. I went to visit the very talented Elli Cassidy from Mini Memories Newborn Photography who took some lovely photos of me back in May during a maternity training day.

I've had these photos for a couple of weeks now and I've been too embarrassed to show anybody because I'm so self conscious of how I look. My body has changed so much since being pregnant, I've gained over 2 stone, I feel frumpy, my skin is rough, my hair is dry, my thighs are huge, I've gained an additional chin and my bingo wings basically flap in the wind.. okay maybe a little exaggeration but it's how I feel. So although Elli is one of the top UK photographers and did an amazing job, I didn't look at the photos and initially think 'wow, I look great' like I do when I see my clients images come alive. I was very camera shy and awkward, it's very different being the other side of the camera, that's for sure! But she still did a fantastic job despite me being a difficult client.

After a couple of weeks of keeping them in hiding, and as my pregnancy is coming to an end, I've finally realised that actually, these are so special. I may not look like 'the old me' but it's me how I am now, and I already know I'll be grateful that it was captured as a true representation of how I was at the time. I already feel sad at the thought of my bump no longer being here in just a couple of weeks time and I'm so glad I have these photographs to remind me of how I looked. It's not a glamour shoot, it's a maternity shoot to show off and be proud of the little human I'm growing, so I don't need to be a size 8 tanned and toned model.

When I show these to my daughter in years to come, she'll know I was honoured to carry her, and that I was proud enough to capture the memory. She's not going to care that I had a bit of extra flab, she's going to see her Mummy, no matter my shape or size.

So although I've always thought how important it is to photograph your bump as well as your baby, now I have the personal experience I can't express enough how important it really is. You'll be so so grateful you had them done! Whilst pregnancy feels like it drags forever, it's actually such a short period of time and it'll be over before you know it, and one day your little bump will be a distant memory. You never have to show anyone your images if you don't want to, you're not taking them for all of your friends and family to see, you're taking them as a keepsake memory for you and your child. And yes you may be shy, feel like crap and not at all photogenic just like me, but you'll be so thankful, I promise you!!