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Jade has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. From booking our photoshoot all the way through to viewing and ordering. Nothing is too much. We had photos done of our 8 month old and they really are magical. We ordered a 40" acrylic orb which takes pride of place in our living room. Thank you so much.

- Kirsty Gasson


 At Inspirique Baby Photography, we are fully trained to handle and pose your baby safely and I can promise you, your bundle will never be put in any danger. I guarantee that you and your baby will feel completely comfortable at all times, knowing you are coming to a qualified photography studio that specialises in just babies.







Babies grow and change so quickly, not too long after they were that tiny bundle that their little features start to fill out into that mini person they're becoming. Your little bundle is suddenly growing into a beautiful baby, and changing right before your eyes, you are noticing they're not so newborn anymore yet they're still so sweet and small. 


By the time they reach a couple of months their changes are even more evident and they really start to show their characters and personalities. They're starting to respond to you, smile, giggle and it's such an important milestone to show how quickly they are developing. They start to learn new things, pull new faces, and respond to silly noises and actions. They are starting to find fascination in the smallest things, which make for great photographs.


So what better way to capture this important milestone than a set of gorgeous images? When we think back, those beautiful details can become such a blur. So with professional photographs you'll always have that memory from that point in their lives.

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We took our daughter for a photoshoot and were welcomed immediately and was able to feel at such ease. Having a baby you just don’t know what to expect. Our little girl had a few little melt downs but Jade's professionalism kicked in and she took the most amazing shots that we will be able to treasure forever. Jade is 100% amazing at her job, I couldn’t recommend anyone better and she was well worth the travelling to get to. Her work speaks for itself, thank you for capturing magical memories of our little girl.
- Zach Smith

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There are two options, you can have a smiler session, when your baby is 2-6 months and before they are sitting unaided. This is to capture their smiles and new found expressions, a very important milestone.


Sitter sessions are for when your baby is 6-12 months, or from when they can sit up themselves with no support. Both sessions are very similar and most props can be the same for both, however the smiler sessions, as babies can't yet sit, they tend to be lying down, on their front, photos from above, and propped up.


Either way, all sessions are creative, with as many or as little colours/ props/ accessories as you wish. Family and sibling images are also included at no extra cost​. 

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What an experience. I was nervous about the photo shoot as I have had a bad experience with one before that was quite stressful. This was another level. Jade spent a while just holding our little lady and getting to know her (immediate brownie points from me!) Whilst doing the shoot I barely heard a peep from my baby girl and could genuinely just sit there and relax with my hubby. I even had a hot coffee (and parents know how hard they are to get!) The time spent there was really enjoyable and I didn’t have to do a thing as Jade looked after my baby beautifully, and it quite clearly very experienced.

The photos themselves brought tears to my eyes. They are gorgeous and capture the many faces and sides of our little lady. I couldn’t feel more grateful for the whole experience. The booking process and help with information was also brill.


- Samantha Sharp

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 Where you have your babies photos taken matters. You're probably not as anxious as you were when your baby was a newborn, but it's still a daunting thing, bringing your baby to a stranger and letting them handle them, or worrying how they'll behave in a new place. I get it, I'm a Mum myself and I know how you may be feeling. You might be a little sleep deprived from your baby going through a regression, frustrated that they're teething and you can't settle them, stressed incase they need to eat during the shoot. I know first hand how babies don't always stick to routine and if you need to take 20 minutes out to soothe, feed or play with your baby - that's okay. Separation anxiety is also a real thing and a lot of babies don't always want me to hold them at first which is fine. I allow plenty of time to get to know your baby first, to play with them, make them laugh and gain their trust before I even think about taking a photo. It's a very relaxed experience, for you both.

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Prices below are all inclusive packages, and there's no hidden costs. These are the packages you have to choose from upon viewing your images. You do not have to decide and commit to a package until you've seen your photos. We offer a money back guarantee for your reassurance.


    All packages include:

  • Consultation before the session to make your session as bespoke as possible

  • A full guide to help you best prepare for your milestone photoshoot

  • Up to 2 hours studio time with a trained, registered & qualified specialist photographer

  • Many different styles and poses, and multiple set ups in a variety of colours

  • Use of all props and accessories within the photography studio

  • Sibling and family photos at no extra cost

  • Editing and retouching of your final photographs to the highest standard

  • A face to face viewing to see your fully edited photographs

  • A slideshow showing all behind the scenes clips to be showed at your viewing

  • Referral scheme to earn £20 cash back with each friend you recommend

  • Huge discounts at local baby related businesses. Exclusively for Inspirique customers

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It is entirely free to attend the session. At no time are you are under any obligation to purchase anything. So you have the reassurance that in the unlikely event you do not like the images, the £99 deposit will be returned to you and the shoot will have cost you nothing.
You are not committing to any package above until you've seen the edited images.