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COVID Policies 2021

We're all used to these rules and regulations now aren't we, it's been a whole year after all. But as always, I'm making sure the studio is as safe as possible for you to bring your babies. Of course, safety has always been my top priority when working so closely with newborn babies, but never more so than during this awful pandemic so I'm taking extra care and additional precautions to assure you all that I'm not taking the COVID-19 outbreak lightly, and I will be doing all I can to prevent any spread within the photography studio.

Please see below everything I have in place for the safest possible return, and the steps I will be taking to ensure myself and the studio environment remains safe and clean for your maternity, newborn, milestone and cake smash photoshoots.

Some of these safety measures are existing, and some are brand new.


1. Both Emily & I will be taking a COVID test regularly, for peace of mind to ourselves and to you all.

2. For your reassurance there will be a 14 day + gap between parents leaving hospital following the birth of their baby to coming to the studio, giving them time to self-isolate. For this reason, I will not be booking any newborn photoshoots in within 2 weeks of birth.

3. If you have travelled abroad or been into highly affected public areas you will be asked to wait 14 days before attending your photoshoot.

4. All clients are asked to postpone photoshoots if themselves or anyone they’ve been into contact with have had any COVID related symptoms, as well any other illness as per the usual guidelines. And equally, if I feel unwell I will contact you immediately to rearrange your appointment.

5. Your temperature must be checked upon arrival. This will be checked at the entrance and should any of you have a fever you will be turned away and not permitted into the studio. Your shoot will be rescheduled for 14 days + from this.

6. All props, surfaces & door handles etc are all washed and sanitised as per usual regulations, but I'll be doing this more regularly and giving the studio a deep clean before AND after each session.

7. I will be minimising the number of items I use throughout each session, and not reusing said items until they have been deep cleaned and isolated for at least 48 hours after use. For this reason, if you have your heart set on a prop you've seen in my images, please make this known as early as possible upon booking so I can set it aside for your session.

8. I will be advising all clients to shower/ bath, cleaning hair too, before coming to the studio. I obviously cannot control this but I kindly ask that you follow this advice to risk spread of infection. I will be doing the same.

9. Before entering the studio space, you will be asked to thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap which will be provided, along with disposable paper towels to dry with.

10. You will be asked to remove your shoes or wear shoe covers before entering the studio. I will also be asking that you only bring essential items in too, so coats/ prams etc to be left in the car where possible. Or at least left in our reception area and not enter the studio.

11. All clients are required to wear a face mask for the most part of the photoshoots. Unless you provide proof of medical exception, you will be refused entry. If you wish to have family images, this will be done at the very end of the session, in a different studio room, and I will keep 2m apart so you can safely take off your mask. 12. All clients are asked to keep 2m away from the shooting area at all times unless assistance is requested, and the floor is clearly marked with tape. For this reason, I cannot have parents stood next to me when photographing your child and you will need to remain seated in the parent area. This limits my contact with each person who is within the studio. The seating is approximately 5m away from where I'll be with your baby so we will remain at a safe distance throughout the session.

13. I will be wearing the relevant PPE, I have medical graded masks, visors, aprons and gloves. However, after researching the best hand hygiene it appears it's a lot more hygienic to NOT wear gloves so this will not be my standard practice, and I will wash and anti-bac hands regularly instead. If you would prefer me to wear gloves when handling your baby then I of course will and I do have them in the studio. Please do your own research and let me know if this is your preference.

14. For maternity photoshoots, the Mum-to-be will not be required to wear a mask during the photoshoot due to being on camera for the duration, but the 2m rule must be met at all times, and a mask must be worn upon entry and exit.

15. Where possible, I will be spreading photoshoots out as much as possible to allow as much time in between people in the studio for cleaning and ventilation of the room.

16. Siblings will be asked to join at the end of the session for family images, and cannot stay for the duration of the session until further notice. Due to the fact they usually like to 'help' me, run around, and couldn't wear a mask. When older children are in the studio, I need to kindly request they remain seated with you and not touch any props to reduce the spread of infection.

17. There will be a longer wait than usual for your photo viewing, it is usually 2-3 weeks after the photoshoot, and it will now be 4-6 weeks due to needing to prioritise all postponed sessions before babies get too old. This is just temporary until we're caught up.

18. All photo viewings will be spread out throughout the day but new procedures are in place. Just like in sessions, masks are requested. I will be controlling my electronical devices where possible, such as laptops and tablets for choosing images. Although these, along with the card reader and pens will be sanitised between each visit. And as above, temperature checks, hand washing and shoe covers will be required upon arrival.

19. Products purchased at your viewing session will be ordered immediately as per usual, but delays may occur (product depending) as some suppliers don't have full staff and things could take longer. This will be explained to you before purchasing so you are aware of timescales before committing.

20. Collections will continue be contact free, and must be arranged my appointment only. We will have various slots and will ask you to come within your allocated time slot to ensure no over-lapping of customers. And as above, masks etc are required.

21. If anyone in your household develops COVID symptoms within 7 days of attending your photoshoot, I ask you to inform me immediately as part of track and trace. This means I will need to postpone upcoming photoshoots. Therefore, this could affect your booking if a client before you does this. 22. You will still be able to use the toilet and refreshment facilities, as these will be thoroughly cleaned between each household. I just ask you to use the multiple sanitising stations around these areas before use for extra precaution.


Please note:

1. My partner is a key worker and is surrounded by colleagues at work on a daily basis. It’s the same people he see’s who he assumes are following the social distancing rule, and he wears PPE at work. But due to the fact he is not self isolating at home I cannot 100% guarantee we are a fully isolating household.

2. My 2 year old daughter attends childcare where she mixes with other children and staff. Although they have their own safety procedures, the same applies as per above.

3. I am opening my doors based on mutual honesty between myself and each client, and I know these photos are so precious but at a time like this and you may not want to jeopardise your photoshoot but I need everyone to be completely up front. I am pregnant myself and I'm classed as high risk so I urge you to respect the rules as best you can.


Upon booking your photoshoot, you will be sent a waiver that I will ask you to sign. Before signing this, I'm asking you to read my new policies and do your own risk assessment, and then make your own informed decision about attending.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about anything in this post, or in addition to this, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to discuss procedures with you for your upcoming photoshoot.

Stay safe,

Jade x

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