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"From the moment we contacted Jade, she was extremely helpful and provided all the information we needed to attend our maternity and newborn photoshoot. The photos have captured perfectly a very special time in our life and we would recommend using Jade to anyone."


- Ed Powell



 Swollen feet, weight gain and bloating can take the joy away from your pregnancy, you may not be feeling your best and stepping in front of the camera may be the last thing on your mind. But it's my job as a photographer to make you feel and look amazing.


You may not feel like being photographed right now, but years from now you will be grateful you did when your pregnancy is a distant memory. You want your child to look at these images and know how proud you were and how much you were looking forward to meeting them. You want them to know what a privilege it was to carry them so close to your heart. It’s going to mean the world.


Your bump photoshoot is tailored to you and your style, you can wear as much or as little as you like, you can include your partner and other children if you wish, or do it alone. I have a wide variety of outfits and props within my studio, but I also welcome you to bring along your own clothes and outfits if you would feel more comfortable this way. This can all be discussed in details upon booking to make your maternity photoshoot as bespoke as possible to you both.




 It's a strange feeling isn't it? Going to a new place and within 15 minutes stripping off in front a a stranger. But I promise, we will not be strangers for long. Everything is done in the most sophisticated and dignified way and you will never be made to feel uncomfortable. It's my job to empower you, to make you feel beautiful and confident in your body and I will make sure that awkward feeling you arrive with is left at the door. The whole experience is designed to be relaxed and fun and I guarantee you'll be surprised with how much you enjoyed it.

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An experience you are blessed with for such a short amount of time in your life, the miracle of the new life growing inside of you. Maternity photography creates once in a lifetime memories. Photographs trigger memories, feelings, emotions and will help you remember your bump more vividly.. once it's gone, it's gone. 


Not only is is a beautiful memory and a keepsake for yourself and your partner, but for when your child is older, to see images of their pregnant mummy as they were developing inside of you will be an amazing feeling. Show your child you loved them before they were even born! 


You will always remember finding out you were pregnant, seeing your baby during the scans, hearing their heartbeat and feeling them kick for the first time, but will you remember your beautiful bump? Capturing your body as it changes to bring a brand new person into the world is something you will treasure forever.

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I went in to this photoshoot not really knowing what to expect & fairly nervous about getting my clothes off with a stranger. But as soon as Jade invited us in to her studio she made both my partner & myself feel so comfortable. Jade is such a lovely lady, she made me feel so confident! I wasn’t convinced I’d like the photos as I felt a bit silly doing some of the poses, but now I have had my beautiful baby girl and have viewed the photos they are amazing & I’m so proud that I carried her, also captured my baby bump in the most perfect way. Brilliant way to remember/ look back on my bump. I can’t recommend Jade enough, thank you so much for our forever photos.
- Lisa Easingwood

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Where you have your newborns photos taken matters. As a Mum myself, I know how you may be feeling after giving birth. You might be exhausted, a little stressed or anxious and most likely still a little uncomfortable. I know first hand that when you leave the house with a newborn, everything is for show - the hair, the makeup, the smiles. This is why the whole experience is designed with you in mind too, not just your baby. The private studio is warm, cosy and comfortable, and an atmosphere you can relax and really be yourself in. You don't have to pretend to have your sh*t together with me, come as you are and take the time to have a hot drink whilst I work my magic with your baby.

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I wanted to capture the beautiful experience of pregnancy. As soon as we met Jade she put me and my family (husband and toddler) at ease. She was very friendly and professional, took us through the process with patience.
Khyati Pattni

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If you intend on booking a newborn photoshoot, you may like to hear that the exclusive package comes with a complimentary pregnancy photoshoot too. Read more about this here.

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Prices below are all inclusive packages, and there's no hidden costs. These are the packages you have to choose from prior to your session. Every single session comes with everything listed below...

  • Consultation questionnaire to make your session as bespoke as possible

  • A full guide to help you best prepare for your pregnancy photoshoot

  • Up to 2 hours studio time with a trained, registered & qualified specialist photographer

  • Many different styles and poses, and multiple set ups in your chosen colours

  • Use of all dresses and accessories within the photography studio

  • Editing and retouching of your final photographs to the highest standard

  • A slideshow showing all behind the scenes clips to be showed at your viewing

  • Referral scheme to earn £20 cash back with each friend you recommend

  • Huge discounts at local baby related businesses. Exclusively for Inspirique customers

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35 high resolution, fully edited images sent within two weeks.

35 matching 10x8 premium quality prints in keepsake box.

Slideshow with all behind the scenes footage and edited images with music.

A pregnancy goodie bag, filled with necessary items to help with your labour and birth.

Complimentary newborn photoshoot.

VIP access to first year journey sessions, such as newborn, milestone and cake smash, which cannot otherwise be booked.

£200 credit towards any wall art purchase.

Includes multiple styles and poses, using multiple colours, dresses and fabrics. Your partner and other children can also take part.

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25 high resolution, fully edited images sent within two weeks.

Includes multiple styles and poses, using multiple colours, dresses and fabrics. Your partner and other children can also take part.




5 high resolution, fully edited images sent within one week.

Focussing on just your bump with no extra faff, either tasteful nude or in underwear, you will get five different poses for variety.

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Are you ready to book?

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From the moment I met Jade she put me at complete ease & her professionalism & friendly attitude shone through! She talked me through every step of the maternity shoot & made sure I was comfortable & happy! She knew exactly how I was feeling because she was 38 weeks pregnant at the time too! Superstar! I now have beautiful bump photos I can look back on for years to come & share with my little girl when she’s old enough! Best decision I have ever made was to book a maternity shoot with Jade which started my little girls journey with Inspirique Baby Photogrpahy!

- Sam Davenport

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Once we've finished your pregnancy photoshoot, I will then process your images to the highest standard, spending time turning them into beautiful art work - giving you a wide range to enjoy for years to come. These will be emailed 1-2 weeks following your session.


As I know you will be very keen to see some photos, I will get a sneak peek onto social media within a day or so, as it is a great way to tag and share with your friends and family. If you do wish to keep your images private, this is no problem at all, just inform me of this beforehand. If you do want the social media preview, there will be a free print up for grabs too.

As well as sending your beautiful gallery, I will also guide you with what images work best together for any prints and wall art you may decide to get. Please note, I am just there to advise you from my professional point of view and there is never any hard sell.

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I visited Jade for a maternity photoshoot as I wanted to capture some timeless images during my first pregnancy. Jade was so professional & friendly she put me at ease throughout as I spent most of the shoot in my underwear & some shots I was nude (which for most women would be an apprehensive thought even without being 7/8 months pregnant). I was able to be clear about what type of photos I wanted to create & got to choose which outfits to wear. I only needed to bring black and white underwear, everything else was provided for. I also opted for the powder photo where Jade’s lovely assistant threw flour over me to get a beautiful shot.

- Gemma Grundy

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