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Similar to boudoir photography but in no way seedy, and specifically designed specifically for self conscious Mummies. We get so caught up on how we look and feel about ourselves in a negative way, us Mums fail to see how beautiful and strong we actually are, and how others see us. Well these sessions are to show you this through the power of photography. It's time for some SELF LOVE, to embrace your body, empower yourself, feel amazing and like a queen for the day.


You carried a human inside of you for 9 months, you birthed a child, you gave life to the world.. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Fall in love with yourself again, I can guarantee you'll be gobsmacked with the photographs and you won't quite believe how amazing you look.

There's nothing cringey about these sessions and I don't edit you to be a size 4. I photograph YOU, the woman you are after having a child, whether that was 1 month ago or 6 years ago. Either way, you're most likely living in a body you don't recognise and aren't used to. A lot of women think I've edited them to be skinner, or changed their body shape and when I show them the original file they are shocked it's actually them, and that's the moment you'll finally realise how beautiful you are. I will only ever enhance what you already have, I'll never change you.



When we become a Mum, we lose ourselves a bit, I know I certainly did, and still have in some ways. As a Mum myself, one that hated seeing herself in the mirror, I've designed these empowerment photoshoots to do just that, empower you, and to stop others thinking the way I did. I want you to see the real you and love it. Let's celebrate and pay attention to who you are as a person, instead of who you are as a parent.

It took me a long time to realise I'm never going to be the size 8 girl I was before, with a thigh gap, a flat tummy and perky boobs. Giving life to the world makes us women! And I'm not saying all Mums all of a sudden have flab and therefore are a 'real woman', I have customers that are super slim with a body I'd die for, but to them they don't feel themselves, they have low self esteem for their own personal reasons. 

So whether you've got baby weight you didn't ask for, saggier boobs than you ever thought possible, or enough hair loss to be able to create a wig, I'm here to say I get it. Whatever your reason for wanting to feel empowered is relative to you as an individual. What I can tell you is that lack of confidence isn't sexy. I want to change that for you, so take the step, but on your big girl boots and let's do this!!





Prices below are all inclusive packages, and there's no hidden costs. The session retainer is £99 which secures your time slot and includes exclusive time at the photography studio, within this price you'll also have use of the props (you supply your own lingerie), as well as full guidance on posing. Before your photoshoot you will choose and pay for a package, this does need to be decided before your session as I will only shoot and edit for the amount of images you wish to have. These will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your session and your prints ready within a week which are the perfect keepsake.

  • Consultation to make your session as bespoke to you as an individual

  • A full guide to help you best prepare for your empowerment photoshoot

  • Up to 2 hours studio time with a trained, registered & qualified photographer

  • Many different styles and poses, and multiple set ups

  • Use of all props and accessories within the photography studio

  • Editing and retouching of your final photographs to the highest standard

  • Referral scheme to earn £20 cash back with each friend you recommend

If you've had a newborn photoshoot at Inspirique, you'll be entitled to £50 off any package.




15 high resolution, fully edited photos


15 matching 10" x 8" photo prints


(Plus all of the above contents)




8 high resolution, fully edited photos


8 matching 10" x 8" photo prints


(Plus all of the above contents)




3 high resolution, fully edited photos


3 matching 10" x 8" photo prints


(Plus all of the above contents)

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