What's included?

Up to 1 hour studio time with a trained, registered & qualified newborn professional photographer

Mini session carried out with baby either awake or asleep

Both prop & beanbag shots with baby swaddled in any colour theme of your choice

High res digital images included in the price, emailed to you within 72 hours

Referral scheme to earn £25 to spend at Inspirique with each friend you recommend

- Huge discounts at various local baby related businesses. Exclusively for Inspirique customers

What is the difference between a newborn mini session and a newborn full session?

Age Limits:
With a full newborn photoshoot, as it includes nude posed images, it's best that baby is just a couple of weeks old so they're still naturally flexible and sleep deeper when being handled. These can be done up to 6 weeks, although it's advised to come within the first 4 weeks. Whereas the mini sessions can be carried out up to 10 weeks of age. The older the baby is the more alert they're likely to be, but awake shots are beautiful.


When booking a full newborn photoshoot, you will have a consultation before the session via email or telephone to discuss your requirements, making your photoshoot as bespoke to you as possible. We discuss your favourite colours, the props you would like to see used, your preferred style of images and the poses you'd like to get. When booking a mini session, we will of course still prepare you for your photoshoot, however there is nothing discussed about the style of photographs apart from what colour theme you'd like.


Full sessions take between 2-4 hours, compared to the 1 hour mini session. During the full session, I take time to sooth and settle your baby, we allow time for feeding, winding, crying, changing etc to ensure your baby is happy so we can get the discussed photos. It takes longer as there is much more to work through, including plenty of props and sibling/ parent shots. The mini session however is continued whether your baby is awake or asleep,  of course if they are crying or unhappy, I will try my best to sooth them to a content mood. You are never kicked out of the door when your hour is up, I will always make sure I get your beautiful images, baby just may be awake in some of them.

Styling & Posing - Props & Parent Shots:

As mentioned above, the full newborn sessions include multiple styles, including natural images, posed images, awake & asleep shots, lots of varied props, including buckets, baskets, beds, hats, headbands, wraps, outfits and so on. These sessions are designed to be posed sessions, where I will position your baby in multiple different poses, many different colours and styles are used to create a wide gallery of images. In the full session, parent and/ or sibling photographs are included at no extra cost. The mini sessions are just wrapped images of baby alone, you can have full use of the props, but it's one colour theme and 3 props, with baby swaddled either awake or asleep. No parent and/ or sibling images are included in the mini sessions.


Of course I edit all of my images to perfection, but the difference between a newborn full session and a newborn mini session is that the mini sessions are light, basic editing, for a pure and simple finish. The full sessions are given the option to be edited more thoroughly. I will never edit a baby beyond my usual editing style unless parents request, however in the full sessions things like blemishes, dry skin, jaundice etc can be edited on request.

Amount of Images:

In the full sessions, I aim to create a gallery of between 35-40 images, possibly more if parents and siblings are involved. For the mini sessions, there will be a gallery of 10 images. The mini sessions are designed to be quick and easy (although never rushed), to capture just your beautiful baby and how small and perfect they are, with no added fuss.

Pricing & Packages:

The mini session is priced at £299, which is a one off payment and is paid up front and includes 4 digital images, a gallery of 10 final images will be emailed to you within 3 working days, where you will choose which 4 you'd like to download. The full creative newborn session has a choice of packages to choose from, any of which require a £99 redeemable deposit which is deducted from the total cost. You then come back to the studio to view your gallery of 35+ images and decide on a package. Should you wish not to purchase any images, the £99 is refundable for the full session.


Both the newborn mini sessions and the full newborn sessions include a referral scheme, this is where you can earn £25 to spend at Inspirique with each friend you recommend. Both photoshoots also include huge discounts at various local baby related businesses, exclusively for Inspirique customers. The full session has package options to also receive money off wall art and a sitter session for when your baby is 6-9 months old.

For more information on the FULL NEWBORN SESSIONS please click here


N E W B O R N   M I N I   S E S S I O N S

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Newborn photoshoots are generally booked after your 12 week scan. It sounds crazy thinking about it so early on but sessions are very limited due to the unpredictability of when babies arrive, for this reason I can only take a maximum of 15 newborn bookings per month to allow for early/ late arrivals as no date is set until baby arrives. Please reserve your slot as soon as you possibly can to avoid disappointment. 

I will always try my best to accommodate last minute bookings, which are sometimes doable if babies don't arrive on time as it'll allow a free date in the diary, but please be aware I am not always able to do so, do not rely on this option! Although mini sessions can be a little more flexible with later bookings as they're not full sessions.

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