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Newborns are newborns for what seems like a second, and capturing the first magical moments of your baby's life is irreplaceable. You wait months for your little bundle of joy to arrive, so once they're here, treasure every moment. Your baby will rapidly change every single day, which is why it's so important to capture them as they will change right before your eyes. That is why l love to capture all it is that makes them newborns, those wrinkles and rolls, eyelashes, fingers and toes, hair, nose, ears and squidgy lips, all the things you so easily forget as they grow. After all, you replace the pram, you throw away the toys and you part with the clothes, but photographs are the one thing that will remain. So celebrate the birth of your baby with a memorable experience of your baby’s first professional photographs - You won't regret it.

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Jade is probably the most friendly and professional photographer we've

ever met/used. She seems to have the magic touch with babies and  gets incredible images every time. It's obvious why shes won so many awards.

- Riley Schofield

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The service and attention to detail is second to none. The sort of care that Jade gives towards the babies is the same amount of care that a mother would give her own baby. I felt at ease the whole time as she told us what she was doing and what she was going to be doing next. If you want to capture the precious moments that sometimes go unnoticed and sometimes forgotten, then Inspirique Baby Photography is the person to you need so that those moments won't be forgotten.

- Stewart Russell

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It is because they change so fast that newborns are best photographed within six weeks from your due date. Baby remains sleepy and flexible at this age due to still being used to the foetal position from being inside Mums tummy, allowing me to pose them easier.

As you can imagine, slow and careful is the order of the day, we go at baby's pace, and allow plenty of time for feeding sessions and rocking back to sleep, which all leads up to your session taking up to four hours. So bring lots of milk, wipes and patience and you will be rewarded with the most beautiful memories of this very special time in your lives. Four hours is nothing when it will create images of your bundle that go beyond just a portrait.

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A truly personalised and bespoke photoshoot session. Jade is so calming and made us all feel at complete ease particularly our 2 week old baby. Jade you  are a true professional, we are so pleased with the service from start to finish!

- Ben Marmon

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Prices below are all inclusive packages, and there's no hidden costs. These are the packages you have to choose from upon viewing your images. You do not have to decide and commit to a package until you've seen your photos. We offer a money back guarantee for your reassurance.


All packages include:

  • Consultation before the session to make your session as bespoke as possible

  • Six page PDF guide to prepare you for your newborn photoshoot

  • 1-2 hours studio time with a trained, registered & qualified specialist photographer

  • Many different styles and poses, including other children and partner

  • Use of all props and accessories within the photography studio

  • Editing and retouching of your final photographs to the highest standard

  • A face to face viewing to view your fully edited photographs

  • Referral scheme to earn £25 to spend at Inspirique with each friend you recommend

  • Huge discounts at local baby related businesses. Exclusively for Inspirique customers

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BASIC - £399

Pre-session consultation to make your photoshoot as bespoke to you as possible.


Up to 4 hour session including your

partner & any other children

Includes multiple set ups, with use of all props and accessories within the studio

Face to face photo viewing

x5 high resolution, fully edited photos

x5 matching 6" x 9" photo prints


Pre-session consultation to make your photoshoot as bespoke to you as possible.


Up to 4 hour session including your

partner & any other children

Includes multiple set ups, with use of all props and accessories within the studio


Face to face photo viewing


x10 high resolution, fully edited photos

x10 matching 6" x 9" photo prints

PREMIUM - £799

Pre-session consultation to make your photoshoot as bespoke to you as possible.


Up to 4 hour session including your

partner & any other children

Includes multiple set ups, with use of all props and accessories within the studio


Face to face photo viewing

All (20+) high resolution, fully edited photos


x10 mounted 6" x 9" photo prints

in a keepsake box

Slide show with all edited images

£100 credit towards any wall art purchase

£100 milestone photoshoot voucher

It is entirely free to attend the session. At no time are you are under any obligation to purchase anything. So you have the reassurance that in the unlikely event you do not like the images, the £99 deposit will be returned to you and the shoot will have cost you nothing.

You are not committing to any package above until you've seen the edited images.

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We went to choose our package and all I can say is WOW!! The photos are absolutely perfect! I love each and every one of them & the slideshow brought me to tears as they capture every last detail of how precious Rosie is to us. I can honestly say you can tell Jade loves her job, she adds that small personal touch to every picture taken, every set up she chooses, and every position she places your baby in and you wouldn’t get anywhere else. An incredible person and an incredible photographer.

- Gemma Payne

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At the end of your photoshoot we'll set a date for you to come back and view your images, which will be scheduled for around 2-4 weeks after the session. I will then process your images to the highest standard, spending time turning them into beautiful art work - giving you a wide range to choose from at your in person viewing appointment.

As I know you will be very keen to see some photos, I will get a preview onto social media within a few days as it is a great way to tag and share with your friends and family. However, if you do wish to keep your images private, this is no problem at all, just inform me of this beforehand. If you do want to see the upload, there will be a free print up for grabs too. 


You will then be invited back to see your gallery on slideshow with music, where I will help you chose and pick the package suited to you and your budget. I will also guide you with what images work best together for any prints and wall art you may decide to get. Please note, I am just there to advise you from my professional point of view and there is never any hard sell.

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Please please please do not leave it until baby is born, spaces are very limited and I would hate to have to turn you away. Sessions can be booked anytime after your 12 week scan, earlier the better to avoid disappointment.


You can book online via the booking form at the bottom of this page here. You will be required to pay a £99 deposit to secure your chosen date and time.


Yes, l will be cuddling, soothing and posing your baby the entire session, and handing back to you if l feel they need you. I am trained to handle your baby in the safest way so it is vital you have trust in me as your photographer. If you feel at all uncomfortable with the thought of me handling your baby then a newborn photoshoot isn't for you. You will always be present during the shoot and baby is supervised at all times.


Yes of course, your baby's safety is my top priority. Nothing will be done to put your baby at risk at any time. The images you see where baby is 'holding themselves up' or ' hanging' is all done using clever editing trickery to avoid putting your baby in harms way. Some set ups and poses will involve you giving me a helping hand to keep baby safe. I have had training and a hold a lot of experience so your mind can be put at ease. For more peace of mind, please read this:


The session is a very calm, slow, gentle and laid back. Your baby runs the show, and l cannot make them do something they don't want to do. The baby's crying or hunger cannot be controlled, therefore we go with the flow on the day and it's all baby led. The session involves lots of quiet gentle soothing to get the best poses. Rushing the session would not work, and l will take as long as it needs. Please do not make any appointments or plans during the time frame it could take. If you don't want to sit for hours, then a newborn mini session may be more suited to you.


This is normal for at least some of the session. On occasion, l don't take a single photo for the first hour or so. Each session involves settling baby when you arrive, sometimes this takes a minute (if we're lucky), and sometimes it takes an hour. On average your baby is likely to wake during the session twice, and will need a top up of food and cuddles. Patience is the key ingredient to getting those perfect pictures so it's never rushed.


This is so normal, I expect this to happen and I always have my washing machine on standby after a newborn session. All items used are washed with or without any mess on them, and I never wear my best clothes for this reason. There's absolutely no need to worry if this happens.


I am more than happy for children to come along, but only if there is an adult with you to keep them occupied. I do need the studio to remain very quiet whilst baby is sleeping, therefore if your children are likely to be loud and disturb the baby, it's probably not best. There is a park opposite the studio if there is someone you could bring along to keep them entertained but still close by. For sibling shots, I usually ask parents for someone to bring them to join in for the last half hour of the shoot. If there are any issues regarding this please contact me directly.

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I’ve recently given birth to my first and I really wanted someone to capture my precious baby in his first few weeks, all Mother’s say time flies by so quick and before you know it they are all grown up. I was quite nervous about someone posing my baby who was only 10 days at the time but boy am I glad I had the pictures taken.. Jade was amazing! Before the shoot I received an email containing all the information I needed to know about the day. On the day I felt so comfortable with the shoot, Jade was so great with him, she stopped to let me feed him and didn’t rush me at all, she wasn’t bothered about the wee and pooh everywhere during the shoot either. I am so glad I had the shoot done!

- Krishna Gorania

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