20 positive's about being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic

I asked a group of pregnant ladies their one positive of being pregnant during the COVID-19 outbreak, and here are their answers. I think despite all of the negatives, which probably still do out-weigh the positives. It's still important to remember and appreciate the good in all of this.

Here are the top positives of being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic...

1. No strangers stroking your tummy.. (why do people think this is okay?)

2. Not having to have the same conversation over and over with the public about when you're due, what you're having, how you're feeling etc.

3. Not needing to put on your make-up as you're not seeing anyone. It not only saves time & money, but it will do your skin wonders.

4. Quality time with your other half, making the most of the time just you two before a baby takes over.

5. Extra time with your other children, giving them quality time before their new sibling arrives.

6. No rushing out of bed in the morning for work with a huge bump.

7. No getting ready for anything in general.

8. Getting up whenever you bloody well want to, 10am, 11am.. who cares?

9. Not having to work when you're exhausted, especially if it's a job standing up all day.

10. Even if you are working from home, it can be outside in the sunshine, or with Netflix on in the background, eating snacks in comfy clothes.

11. Being able to wear your pyjamas all day with no judgement.

12. No need for a bra! They're uncomfortable at the best of times, but especially when pregnant.

13. Not having to worry about cleaning the house as you're not expecting visitors.

14. Getting the baby's nursery decorated with all of the finishing touches.

15. Getting jobs around the house done in general, perfect timing for the 'nesting' period of pregnancy.

16. No school run if you have older children.

17. Naps, as often as you please.

18. Not worrying about throwing up in public.

19. Eating what you want, when you want.

20. Self appreciation on how well you're coping and adapting to this new way of life.

So there you go, it's not all bad. If you are feeling crappy, which is perfectly acceptable, but let's try and turn that around. A positive mind goes a long way! So I'm sure you can relate to most of these, but why not try and add your own to this list too? Make your own at home. Write everything down, for each negative there's a positive, you just need to remind yourself of that and hopefully you'll start to feel better. You've got this Mamma!