With all the panic and speculation on the coronavirus I thought it would be a good time to reassure all of you about the extra safety measures (in addition to my current measures) that I'm taking at Inspirique Baby Photography. Please read below for the adapted policies & procedures I have in place to ensure we are protecting you and your family at this time.None of you should have to give up having beautiful images that you will treasure forever, so please be assured that I'm making every effort possible to keep the studio a safe environment to invite you to.


⭐️ Studio cleanliness is a top priority and I take steps to avoid viral contamination, at all times. I would like to reassure you that I am taking all precautions advised by WHO, CDC and extra measures on top to safeguard my clients and to keep my studio sanitary. ⭐️

• We work with pregnant women and babies on a daily basis, so hygiene & safety is always our top priority anyway. But even more so now this awful virus is around. So we're closely monitoring the National advice and until told otherwise we’ll be continuing to work with extra precautions.

• Although it's advised to social distance, be assured that it's only myself that will be in the studio, there's no crowd of staff and it's not an office/ retail environment. I will be the only person you're sharing the air with, and I would only proceed if I was 100% well.

• All sessions are by appointment only, there's never any walk-ins, and the studio would be deep cleaned after each client has visited, including chairs, door handles, bathrooms, equipment and all highly touched areas. The studio will also be well ventilated before and after each shoot.

• I always wash fabrics/ clean services/ anti-bac everything after each session anyway. But given the circumstances, I'll be doing this even more thoroughly and instead of a general clean daily and a deep clean monthly, I'll be doing a deep clean after every single photoshoot.

• It goes without saying, but my hands will be washed thoroughly before your shoot with soap and water, and hand sanitiser will be used throughout. Hand washing facilities, anti-bac gel & a clean towel will also be available to you too, a new towel will be used per customer.

• Bottled water, tissues, a bin, and individually wrapped snacks will also be available as usual. All hot drinks will be served in a freshly washed mug, but please bring your own if you prefer, you will not offend me by doing so!

• All clients will be asked to wash hands upon arrival at my studio. As well as shoes & coats, they'll be asked to be left at the door upon arrival. Contact will be minimal and hand shaking is not recommended.

• Everyone is asked to reschedule their sessions if they are feeling in any way unwell. Anyone showing any signs of illness upon arrival will be turned away.


⭐️ Anybody needing or wanting to reschedule, whether it be through illness, isolation or general worry can do so at no cost. All photoshoots can be pushed back to a suitable date if needed. ⭐️

• If you or your child have been in contact with anyone with a cough or fever or if you feel unwell (even mildly) before your session, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. I understand this may be an inconvenience, but it is of utmost importance that I do not allow a virus into the studio at this time due to the vulnerable condition of my other clients. You will not be charged to reschedule your session.

• If anyone arrives and are showing any symptoms of any sort, you would be kindly asked to leave, even if you feel well. With the serious nature of things at the moment, I cannot risk any contamination to myself or my other clients. I will then call you to rearrange your session.

• If you have travelled abroad recently, for the safety of spreading infection, I have to ask that you wait at least 14 days until entering the studio.

• If you or anyone in your household is poorly or have travelled, the same rules apply and I would appreciate your consideration to postpone.


We all need to work together here, it's not just thinking of you and your family, but others too. I work with vulnerable people, pregnant ladies, newborns - some who are premature, and babies - some with health conditions. Please think of those when making your decision to enter my safe place.

So in a nutshell, we're still continuing our sessions as normal, and taking bookings as normal so if you’d like to proceed, please do so as planned. If you have any further questions relating to our safety procedures or general booking information please don’t hesitate to ask.

Stay safe x