Coronavirus - Updated Policies & Precautions

I'm very pleased to say I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel and can begin planning my return to work, things will certainly be different but I'm making sure the studio is as safe as possible for you to bring your babies. As you may know, safety has always been my top priority when working so closely with newborn babies, but never more so than now so I'm taking extra care and additional precautions to assure you all that I'm not taking the COVID-19 outbreak lightly, and I will be doing all I can to prevent any spread within the photography studio.

Please see below everything I have in place for the safest possible return, and the steps I will be taking to ensure myself and the studio environment remains safe and clean for your maternity, newborn, milestone and cake smash photoshoots.

Some of these safety measures are existing, and some are brand new.

1. For your reassurance there will be a 14 day + gap between parents leaving hospital following the birth of their baby to coming to the studio, giving them time to self-isolate. For this reason, I will not be booking any newborn photoshoots in within 2 weeks of birth.

2. If you have travelled abroad or been into highly affected public areas you will be asked to wait 14 days before attending your photoshoot.

3. All clients are asked to postpone photoshoots if themselves or anyone they’ve been into contact with have had any COVID related symptoms, as well any other illness as per the usual guidelines. And equally, if I feel unwell I will contact you immediately to rearrange your appointment.

4. Your temperature must be checked upon arrival. This will be checked at the entrance and should any of you have a fever you will be turned away and not permitted into the studio. Your shoot will be rescheduled for 14 days + from this.

5. All props, surfaces & door handles etc are all washed and sanitised as per usual regulations, but I'll be doing this more regularly and giving the studio a deep clean before AND after each session.

6. I will be minimising the number of items I use throughout each session, and not reusing said items until they have been deep cleaned and isolated for at least 48 hours after use. For this reason, if you have your heart set on a prop you've seen in my images, please make this known as early as possible upon booking so I can set it aside for your session.

7. I will be advising all clients to shower/ bath, cleaning hair too, before coming to the studio. I obviously cannot control this but I kindly ask that you follow this advice to risk spread of infection. I will be doing the same.

8. Before entering the studio space, you will be asked to via the bathroom and thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap which will be provided, along with disposable paper towels to dry with.

9. You will be asked to remove your shoes and wear shoe covers before entering the studio. I will also be asking that you only bring essential items in too, so coats/ prams etc to be left in the car where possible.

10. I will be asking all clients to wear a mask for the most part of the photoshoots. I advise you to bring your own but I will have spares should you forget. However, please note that I cannot be held responsible for the effectiveness of the PPE provided. If you wish to have family images, this will be done at the very end of the session when I can open the door for ventilation, and keep 2m apart so you can safely take off your mask.