DIY Hand Sanitiser - Full Recipe

I think we can all relate when I say how hard it's been to get hold of hand sanitiser, it's something I buy regularly for the photography studio at just a couple of quid. But all supermarkets and chemists seem to have sold out within days and it's near impossible to get hold of any lately due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you're like me and need some, why not try a do-it-yourself recipe? It's actually really easy to make your own! And it could also be something you have the kids help you with if they're also off school. Call it an alternative to baking (as it's unlikely you can get the ingredients for that either


- 3/4 cup of surgical spirit

(The cheapest I found was in Superdrug at £1.79. But they sell it in every pharmacy, Boots, Savers etc)

- 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel

(They sell this in every chemist/ supermarket for around the same price)

-10 drops of any essential oil - teetree or lavender are good.

(This isn't essential, you can leave it plain)


It's so simple, just whisk it all together and decant into a little bottle.

Please note: I am not an expert, this is simply my own recipe that I am sharing with you all.

I know there's so many of us panicking that we can't get any, so do share this website with your friends, and look out for lots of other tips being blogged soon!