How to give your partner a gender reveal if you have to find out on your own...

Due to the coronavirus, a lot of you Mummy-to-be's will sadly be finding out the gender of your baby alone at your 20 week NHS scan as they aren't currently allowing partners in with you. I know how devastated most of you would be about this as it's such a special time for you both to hear if you're having a boy or a girl. I believe every hospital has different regulations and it's at the sonographers discretion so you may get lucky, but the usual practice is that they're not allowed to write the gender down for you (just so they have no comeback if it's wrong).

Now, just because it's a rubbish situation that you have to find out alone, it doesn't mean it has to be an overall bad experience. So I've come up with a way to turn that negative into a positive. You'll find out during your scan, but that doesn't mean it has to take the excitement out of it, so put that excitement into a fun little task to tell Daddy, and any other children you may have.

I know you can't do the usual gender reveal ideas as you haven't got time to get a coloured cake make, or get coloured confetti etc.. although you could if you bought one of each colour and then had Daddy pop the correct colour at home, there's an idea?

Anyway, I'm quite creative (you'd like to think so doing my job wouldn't you?) and I don't tend to do things by halves, I like going all out when I'm doing something so I've made an amazing 'scavenger hunt' for you to do at home, so not only will it be fun, but it'll build up the suspense and make it extra exciting for you watching Daddy complete the tasks. Not only that, but it's really enjoyable for children if they got involved too, just like an Easter egg hunt!!

I've not just given you the idea, I've actually made the cards for you. I've made two files, one with the layout and order of each one, explaining to you where each one goes and what the clue is. And the other file is the printable file, which are ready sized in order. All you'll need is a printer.

I can imagine when you get home from the hospital you won't want to spend time making this, you'll be too keen to tell Daddy. So I'd advise to make this first and either A, quickly run around the house as he's getting in the car on your way to the hospital so it's waiting for him when you get home (as it starts in the hall way). Or B, tell him to wait in the car and as soon as you're home. It'd definitely be great to come home to it though. You could even tell him you didn't find out the gender as you didn't want to find out alone, making this even more of a surprise!

I've tried to make these locations pretty standard which is in every house or flat. But if they don't suit your home or if you don't want to do the full scavenger hunt, you can just print the very last card off, you'll see...

File 1: Layout & Order

And a close up to show you what it looks like. You have the info on the left which you don't print, this is just to help you.

File 2: Printables. This tells you step by step how to make them, what you'll need with instructions and they're all print ready files.