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Event #1 - Q&A with midwife Katie: answering questions about pregnancy & giving birth

If you don't already know about it, I recently set up a pregnancy and new Mummy support group during the Coronavirus outbreak, which you can read about here. Within this I've set up virtual events so you don't miss out on your usual classes and appointments during this time, you can see all future upcoming events here.

Our 1st online event was a live pregnancy & new Mummy Q&A with midwife Katie Adams. Answering your questions around being pregnant and/ or giving birth during the Coronavirus outbreak. Katie is a registered midwife with 18 years experience in the field. She has an added sonography qualification and is director of See Your Baby, our local pregnancy scanning clinic in Braunstone. I work very closely with this amazing business anyway, after being scanned by Katie during my own pregnancy. If you want to read more about how we collaborate through our companies, click here.

So if you missed it within the group or want to watch it again, it's questions asked by pregnant & new Mummy's during the COVID-19 global pandemic..

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