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Plan B for those who are missing out on a newborn photoshoot

So this coronavirus malarkey is awful, apart from the serious side of it which is obviously devastating, it's also sad that so many of you will be missing out on professional photos of your babies as a photography studio is none essential meaning I can't legally stay open. But don't worry, I've got a plan...

It's been hard knowing that so many parents will not be getting these newborn images that they deserve. Every baby should have beautiful photographs and it's really upset me knowing I won't be able to do this for so many booked over the coming weeks. Although every client booked during this time will be prioritised when we resume as normal, and I'll still make sure I get the most beautiful photos, they may not be teeny newborns anymore (although hopefully this won't last too long). So this is my temporary solution.

Every single client who has booked a shoot, or wants to still book one for a baby due anytime now, will receive a DIY kit. I'll give you a camera (not my main camera, I'm not that nice hehe) with a memory card inside. Don't worry, I don't expect you to know how to use it so I will pre-set the settings to suit a midday shoot in natural light. If you happen to accidentally fiddle with these, you can call/ Facetime me and I'll tell you how to change them back.

I'll also give you a beanbag if you don't have one at home, a blanket, wrap, hat and headband in the colour scheme of your choice. As well as a prop such as a basket and any additional accessories like flowers etc.

I have created a guide on how to SAFELY pose your baby which you can follow step by step. They will all be natural, unposed images so even if you do it 'wrong' no baby will be put in danger by an untrained parent.

I will then ask for the above items to be returned to me, and I will edit the images taken on the camera in my own style, and they'll be emailed over to you within a couple of days.

This service is completely free, and is in addition to still doing your photoshoot at a later date when it is safe to do so. The above will be lent in order of when babies are born, and you'll be given it for around 3 or so days, depending on when the next person is booked to have it. All items above will be clean, washed & disinfected before handing to the next person. There will be a ‘no contact’ handover of the items above by collecting & dropping off at a safe place, which you can do on your daily exercise route.

Whilst I know this isn't the same as coming for a newborn photoshoot and having the whole experience, and the photos won't be the same quality as you would normally get, it's the best I can do in a horrible situation. At least you'll still get some precious images of your babies first days. And it's a pretty cool challenge for parents to get in on the action.. Just don't enjoy it too much, I need as little competition as I can when this is all over haha.

There will be no additional payment or deposit for this, I'm doing this based on trust. I just ask you to please look after the items lent to you, and give them back in the same condition you received them. And please don't do a runner with my stuff ha.

Even if you're not a client, you're welcome to use the step by step guide mentioned above, so you can take your own photos using your own props and phone camera.

I can't wait to start doing the job I love again, but in the meantime, it'll keep me busy editing the images you take. And I'm quite looking forward to seeing what everyone takes!

Stay safe!

Jade x


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