Pregnant or given birth during COVID-19: online support network

As some of you may know, I recently set up a group for Mummy-to-be's & new Mummy's.. since having a few long chats with pregnant clients and those who have just given birth, they've each shared their worries/ excitement with me and all have had different views on how they're handling carrying a baby during this global pandemic, but most have said they have no one to share it with as they're not going out to classes etc. So I came up with an idea to create a virtual Mummy meet. I made a Facebook group to discuss your fears, share your excitement, give advice and make new friends! There will be lots of positivity in the group on how to still enjoy your pregnancy and new addition.

It is a friendly group for anyone who is pregnant or has recently given birth during the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone within the group will be sharing the same experience, feeling the same things, and will have the same worries. Use the group as your comfort to know you're not alone, you can talk about anything, ask for advice, share great tips, have a general discussion. Use it as your support network and make new friends. I'll also be sharing great advice on how to get through this time and still have the exciting pregnancy announcements & gender reveals etc too, just with an isolation twist! There will also be online antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga, midwife appointments, breastfeeding support and more - all free.

Please join, and invite anyone who you think would benefit from it!


Keep positive, and stay safe! x