The Most Commonly Asked Breastfeeding Questions - Answered

Bea King from Melton Breastfriends & The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers has kindly volunteered to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about breastfeeding exclusively for Inspirique Baby Photography and for all of you Mummy's reading this.

You can also watch myself & Bea in a live Q&A about breastfeeding here.

Bea feeding her own daughter

1. How do I know when my baby has finished feeding?

If your baby has finished feeding, they will fall off the breast by themselves, try not to take them off when they flutter suck (lots of people like to say baby is using you as a dummy here), as this is when they get the fattiest milk so it really aids their weight gain and your milk supply. You could offer them the other breast, some babies will take it and some won’t, it’s absolutely okay either way and that is just what your baby needs.

2. How long should I feed my baby for?

There is no set time that you must feed your baby for. The average time varies between 5-45 minutes and can differ between each baby and each woman; neither of these times shows anything on your supply. Some believe you need to give a certain amount of time on each breast to ensure they get enough, but this is not true. You just need to follow your baby’s lead and let them feed for however long they need to.

3. How can I tell that my baby is drinking?

When baby is feeding, it can be a good idea to look out for a couple of key signs that your baby is drawing milk from the breast. One sign is that baby will have puffed out cheeks, like a hamster, we need hamster cheeks and not sucked in cheeks like a fish. You will also be able to see swallows, and that will vary on where in the feed baby is. At the start of the feed, baby with do hard and rapid sucks to encourage a let-down, where they may have lots of little swallows, and when the let-down occurs, their sucks will change and be long, drawn out sucks where they may suck 2-3 times then do a big swallow. When baby starts flutter sucking at the end of a feed, they’ll do little tiny sucks on and off and have the odd swallow every minute or two.

4. How do I know how much my baby is getting?

With breastfeeding, many Mums can feel some anxiety about not knowing how much their baby is getting, whereas you can see the exact volume with bottle feeding, so being aware of knowing that your milk is enough will help your confidence. Keeping track of nappy output and baby’s steady weight gain along their centile are the most accurate representation of milk supply. Keeping track of weight gain is a bit harder with the current coronavirus and lack of face to face weighing facilities so nappy output works perfectly. I’ll break it down a little:

- On day one we want to see – at least 1-2 wet nappies and 1 black poo, which is the meconium.

- On day two/three we want to see – at least 2-3 wet nappies and 1-2 poos, which will start to turn more of a green colour and will be looser.

- On day four/five we want to see – at least 4-5 wet nappies and at least 2 poos the size of a £2 coin, which will be a yellow/mustard colour and be loose. This is when your mature milk comes in.

- From day six, we want to see – at least 6 wet nappies in 24 hours and 2 poos the size of a £2 coin.

Baby should poo at least once (preferably twice) daily until 6 weeks old. If your baby goes more than 24 hours without a bowel movement, it would be recommended to speak to a health care professional, it may be absolutely nothing, but it is best to get this checked out, just to be safe.

Another great way of tracking weight gain is by taking photos of your baby (which will be lots of photos!) and putting them side by side each week, and you will be able to physically see the difference.

5. How do I know when to feed my baby?

A lot of people tend to say that if your baby cries, they need feeding, but that is actually a very late feeding cue. Watch out for their early feeding cues, which are turning their head, opening their mouth a bit, pulling their fingers up towards their mouth. These will make it much easier for you to get baby to feed as they’ll still be very calm, whereas if you wait until they cry, you’ll need to calm them down first and then feed, which could be a little stressful for you both.

6. How often should I feed my baby?

Babies need feeding a minimum of 8-12 times in 24 hours, however, they tend to feed more than this, especially in the first week. Keep an eye out for the early feeding cues and offer them the breast, try not to wait until they’re crying as it makes it a bit harder to get them latched on. It is never a bad thing to offer the breast, as they cannot be overfed on the breast, so if you’re ever unsure about what baby needs, offer them the breast and, in my experience, nine times out of ten, it will work!

7. Do I need anything special to breastfeed?

There is nothing you *need* to breastfeed, as your breasts are attached to you! However, some things may be useful help a little bit. Something that I found useful were breast pads were that you put in your bra to soak up the milk that may leak, as you can guarantee your top will be soaked with milk at the worst time! Nursing bras were also really helpful, as it enables you to get the breast out easily ready to feed, and no parts of the bra would be digging in to the breast, possibly causing damage.

There are also a few things marketed for breastfed babies, which aren’t necessarily needed, and can also interfere with breastfeeding:

- Nipple shields are said to help baby to latch, but really they should be used as a last resort after qualified support has been given, as it can impact the transfer of milk in to baby, and also make it very difficult for Mum to wean off them (as many report them being quite a faff). Nipple shields can be used sometimes if baby has a tongue tie and cannot latch (after support being given), until the tongue tie has been released.

- A breast pump is very much personal preference. If you are someone who would like to pump and bottle feed at points during breastfeeding, we would suggest waiting until around 6 weeks to do this to allow your supply and breastfeeding to establish.

- A dummy can interfere with breastfeeding more than anything, from my experience as a peer supporter, as it can mask feeding cues, meaning baby could miss out on feeds and not gain weight sufficiently. If you are dead set on introducing a dummy, we would suggest again waiting until around 6 weeks, and ensure to always offer the breast before the dummy to try to prevent any issues.

- Nipple cream can be useful if your nipples are cracked, to moist heal the damage, but if you are in pain while feeding, reach out for support to check positioning and attachment. Cream won’t stop the soreness, but they will help to heal cracked skin.

- A feeding pillow can be useful to some, but it can cause issues such as blocked ducts and mastitis due to how the breast will sit on the pillow and can cause a blockage. It can also stop you being able to get in to a nice position, as a pillow is likely to stop you from being able to hold baby close.

8. When will my milk come in?

It usually comes in on day 4, but can be between 2-5 days. Before this, you will produce colostrum, which is very thick, yellow milk, full of antibodies. This is absolutely plenty for your baby in those early days, as their stomachs are so small that they just need drops of milk. There is no need to supplement with formula until your milk comes in.

9. Will I sleep less?

No - studies have been done on the sleep of breastfeeding and bottle feeding Mums and it was found that breastfeeding Mums get 7 minutes more sleep per night. This is due to the hormone (oxytocin) that is released while feeding, which helps baby get back to sleep quickly, but also does the same for Mum.

10. Will breastfeeding make my boobs sag?

No – lots of different variables go in to your breasts sagging, such as pregnancy (being the main one), getting older, weight loss etc.

11. Is there anything I should eat to make me produce more?

Nothing you eat or drink will make you produce more milk or change the quality of your milk. Lots of things claim to (such as water, oats, fenugreek – which actually has evidence of lowering supply) but there is no evidence to support this. The quality of your milk is also not determined on what you eat. Those that have reported a change in their supply is usually down to a placebo effect, as Mum may relax more and do things slightly differently without noticing and her supply increases. You could have an extremely unhealthy diet and your milk will still be perfect for your baby, albeit not great for your health! If you believe you have low milk supply, reach out to a peer supporter, and we will be more than happy to help you and guide you through it.

12. What about if my medication says ‘not to take while breastfeeding’?

Lots of medication state that on the box, simply because we cannot test them on breastfeeding women as it would be unethical. We would suggest going to to see if it may be safe for you to take while breastfeeding. Wendy Jones is pharmacist who has an MBE for her website. You can also contact her on Facebook via ‘The Breastfeeding Network’.

13. Should I take formula with me to the hospital?

If you are planning on breastfeeding, I would suggest not getting anything formula/ bottle related. This is simply because having everything in ready to bottle feed tends to cause many breastfeeding journeys to end prematurely. Try to trust your body, it can do this. If you feel like you would prefer to have these things, you could either put some money aside so that you can purchase the items if needed – if you don’t need it, treat yourself! Or you could buy the things you may need and drop it at a friend’s/ family’s house to keep safe, so that it isn’t in your house at 2am when you’re a tired new Mummy. In hospital, if you are struggling, ask for help, and ask for help as many times as you need to. If things really are not going well and baby in unable to feed, and you are unable to get any milk hand expressing (this should be the first option – make sure you tell this to your midwife), then your hospital will provide formula in this case of an emergency. But support is always offered first.

14. Can I drink alcohol?

The great news of this is yes! The amount of alcohol that goes is to breastmilk is very tiny, so it would not affect baby at all. In fact, you would need to be almost dead from alcohol poisoning for it to affect baby. Therefore, there is no need to pump and dump. The general rule is that if you feel safe to hold and care for your baby, you are safe to feed your baby, and this is the same information I would give to a parent who is bottle feeding, as the safety aspect comes from if they are safe to look after the baby. If you do not feel safe to do this, it would be suggested to express and ask someone else to feed baby. If you do decide to drink alcohol, it wouldn’t be advised to share a bed with your baby until this is out of your system – which we usually say is around 1 hour per unit plus an extra hour to be safe. So Mumma's, enjoy a glass of vino!

15. How soon can I feed my baby after birth?

You can feed your baby straight after birth, have some skin to skin and let baby find their own way to the breast (this is called the breast crawl). Of course, sometimes there may be medical problems arise, meaning you cannot feed your baby immediately, but this is very unlikely to affect you being able to breastfeed. C-section babies can also have skin to skin straight away and be breastfed.

16. Does the size of my nipple matter?

Nipple size does not matter when it comes to breastfeeding, you could have tiny nipples, or larger ones. Your baby will have their lips on the areola rather than the nipple, the nipple just goes into the back of their throat.

17. Can I go back to breastfeeding after stopping for a few days/ weeks?

It is absolutely possible. Make sure that the bottles are being pace fed, so holding you baby up a bit rather than laying down and taking breaks during the feed regularly – this will help to prevent bottle preference. Get in to bed with your baby and get some skin to skin together and allow baby to explore the breast. You will both have a release of lovely milk making hormones while you are having some skin to skin so this will encourage them to feed. Try doing this for as much as the day as possible.

18. Do I have to burp my baby if they're breastfed?

If your baby’s positioning and attachment is good, in theory, you should not need to burp your baby as they won’t be getting any air in as they feed. If they have a fussy period while latching or in the middle of a feed, or if their positioning and attachment is not quite right, they may get some air in. So, you may find that you do need to burp your baby, and you may find that you don’t. I would suggest trying and if they don’t burp, they just don’t need to.

19. If the baby feeds on one breast and is full, do I need to express the other or can I wait until they need feeding again?

Unless you are feeling engorged, there is no need to express on the other breast if your baby doesn’t need that side, as this will help your supply to regulate. If you are feeling very full and a bit sore, you can try to hand express a little bit, just to relieve that pressure.

20. What sort of snacks should I have while breastfeeding?

Anything that you enjoy! As mentioned, nothing you eat will affect your supply, so just make sure you keep yourself healthy and energy levels high with whatever you like to eat and drink. Biscuits and tea were my daily (10 times a day) snack.

21. What do I do if my milk takes a long while to come in and my baby is finding it hard to latch? Should I pump to keep the stimulation regular?

Any pumping is great to stimulate the breasts, but really try to aim for 8-12 pumping sessions per day with at least one in the night (between 12am and 5am), as the more you pump, the more milk you will make. To help baby latch on, you could definitely try some skin to skin to encourage this. If baby will latch on, you could look in to getting a supplementing nursing system. This is a little tube that sits next to your nipple and will be sitting in a bottle of milk, so as your baby suckles at the breast, they will be getting milk from the bottle, but also stimulating your breasts to increase your supply. Your body will be a bit confused with receiving formula so it will be unsure of how much milk to make, but breastfeeding is all about supply and demand, so the more milk you remove from the breast, the more milk your body will make.

22. How long can I store my breastmilk for?

If you decide to express to store, you only need to express once or twice every few days, try not to do it lots in one day unless necessary as it could lead to oversupply and mastitis. You can add breast milk together once they’re at the same temperature, just make sure to label it as the earlier date expressed. Breast milk can be stored in a variety of ways and for different lengths of time: in a warm room for 4-6 hours, in a cool bag with ice packs for 24 hours-3 days, at the back of the fridge freshly expressed for 3-8 days, defrosted milk at the back of the fridge for up to 24 hours, in a freezer up to -18 degrees for 3-6 months and in a freezer below -18 degrees for 6-12 months. Always give it a little sniff before using just to check.

It’s important not to warm up breast milk in the microwave as it can cause hot spots, so heat it up under the warm tap for a minute or two or even in a jug of hot water. If you decide to express a store, it would be helpful to store in small amounts up to 3-4oz, this way, you can defrost or heat up what you need and can easily heat up a little bit more if baby needs it, rather than throwing away hard workers expressed milk if baby doesn’t drink the whole bottle (trust me it’s like throwing away part of your soul - heartbreaking!). In the freezer, you can lie the storage bags down flat while freezing and can then pop them upright when frozen, as it will take up less space and is also quicker to defrost.


If you found this helpful, you can also watch myself & Bea in a live Q&A about breastfeeding here.

Thank you so much to Bea for answering these common breastfeeding questions, and if you have any more you'd like answering, please do pop them in the comments or contact us.

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Sarah Rest


We had a newborn photo shoot with Jade, our little 2 weeks old baby girl certainly made her work for it! Jade is so patient, creative and passionate about her work. She made us feel so welcome incorporating things personal to us, her studio is so well set up and even tho our daughter was awake for the majority of the session we weren’t made to feel rushed and left feeling totally relaxed which I wasn’t expecting at all! The finished prints are just too adorable for words and an amazing memory for us to treasure. Thanks so much Jade - you’re a genius!

Amit Odera


We first used inspirique for our daughter 1st birthday cake smash photo shoot, and I must say the service and photos taken have been excellent. Most recently Jade took photos of our sons cake smash, and again she has gone above and beyond with presentation and the picture are brilliant. We have recommend inspirique to friends and family, and we can’t wait for the next shoot.

Amit Odera


We first used inspirique for our daughter 1st birthday cake smash photo shoot, and I must say the service and photos taken have been excellent. Most recently Jade took photos of our sons cake smash, and again she has gone above and beyond with presentation and the picture are brilliant. We have recommend inspirique to friends and family, and we can’t wait for the next shoot.

Emily Martin

Jade at Inspirique was truly professional whilst being informal and making myself and my son feel very relaxed to create natural and amazing photos we will treasure forever! We loved the shoot and the time flew by and we could not be happier with the prints created! Jade was natural and caring with our son who was extra delicate as our shoot was a week before his due date as he arrived early. It was very easy to book and Jade was flexible in arranging times that were convenient to both! Jade went above and beyond for us as a family and we will be returning for further shoots in the future! Amazing!

Emma Platneur


Wow, just wow!!! I am a Mummy of four and after having my last daughter Effie, I finally decided to a have a newborn shoot after seeing Jade’s amazing work. I was not disappointed!!! Not only does Jade provide amazing photography but she makes the whole experience extremely enjoyable and special. Effie was only a few weeks old when we ventured over as a family 6. Effie was handled with care and love and Jade had this magical ability to keep her calm and content throughout the session. Jade was also kind and patient enough to take a picture of all four of our children (literally a genius!!). The way in which our images were displayed for us to choose from was beautiful, personal (and emotional). Everything is done with care. We love our prints and can not recommend Inspirique enough.


I was really worried about venturing out so soon after my son was born. In fact I regretted booking the session because I wasn’t up to getting out of the house. But I mustered up the courage in the end and did it, and I’m so glad I did. Jade was brilliant with my son and you can tell she’s so comfortable with handling new borns. And despite the heat, she did everything she could to keep all of us comfortable!!! The photos came out beautifully. Would definitely visit again!!

Ashee Bathia


Would highly recommend Jade at Inspirique for a new born photoshoot. She’s very professional, very patient and fantastic at what she does! No regrets whatsoever!

Mack Falconetti

As a bloke I turned up where my mrs told me to go. I was not sure what to expect with the shoot. Jade was very welcoming and great with our son Theo. She was very professional and easy going. We bought some of our own props and Jade was happy to use them in the pictures, they turned out great! Even my son weeing on Jade's camera didn't phase her. Men be aware the shoot is long... bring plenty of snacks and something to read... But there's plenty of tea and coffee on the tap. The pictures are definitely worth it... thanks Jade!

Krishna Gorania

I’ve recently given birth to my first and I really wanted someone to capture my precious baby in his first few weeks, all Mother’s say time flies by so quick and before you know it they are all grown up. Jade was recommended to me by a family member, I’d seen the great pictures she had taken of my Niece already. I was quite nervous about someone posing my baby who was only 10 days at the time but boy am I glad I had the pictures taken.. Jade was amazing! Before the shoot I received an email containing all the information I needed to know about the day. On the day I felt so comfortable with the shoot, Jade was so great with him, she stopped to let me feed him and didn’t rush me at all, she wasn’t bothered about the wee and pooh everywhere during the shoot either.

I’ve now seen the images from the day, I had initially planned to only buy the basic package but the images were so amazing I purchased them all along with a framed canvas! Thanks Jade!!!

Rowena Goonetilleke


I had always wanted to do a photo shoot with my newborn but as my pregnancy wasn’t as smooth sailing, I didn’t have the heart to book something in advance. Then once he was born i really wanted a photo shoot and realised he was approaching 6 weeks already by then! I contacted inspirique and they fitted me in the next day! Jade was very professional, clearly having handled new born babies. Her patience was amazing! Baby even managed to do a poop in studio but she took this in her stride! It was an enjoyable few hours and our images are dotted around the house as a reflection of our experience and the quality work! Thank you Jade!

Sarah Wilkinson

Jade did a fantastic job on our daughters newborn shoot. She's so determined to get that perfect shot. nothing is ever too much trouble she was brilliant with my two girls too. Would highly recommend!

Lottie Swift

Jade has been amazing from start to finish! We booked our shoot when our little girl was a week old and she still managed to juggle things around to get us in for the newborn shoot. I have just been to the viewing session and the photos are amazing! Totally fallen in love and would recommend to anyone! Thank you Jade for also being so accommodating! Anyone who is thinking of having a session I would definitely do so!

Samantha Davenport

I have used Inspirique Baby Photography twice so far and both times i have been excellently looked after by Jade! I had my maternity shoot at 30 weeks and wasn't feeling my best but jade made me feel so confident and the photos were great! We was not pressured into buying any! We went for our newborn shoot this week and was great to watch jade work with our little girl and she is brilliant with them! She was in safe hands! The service u get is first class and communication is brilliant! Always reply to messages and feel I have been well looked after throughout! Waiting on viewing our newborn photos but happy they will be worth the wait. 100% recommend Inspirique to anyone!

Melissa Robinson

I message Jade right at the last minute for a new born shoot. She fitted me in straight the way , Jade was really good with my son and the photos she's taken I love them so happy with the service thank you jade , can’t wait for the next shoot thank you


I went in to this photo shoot not really knowing what to expect & fairly nervous about getting my clothes off with a stranger. But as soon as Jade invited us in to her studio she made both my partner & myself feel so comfortable. Jade is such a lovely lady, she made me feel so confident! I wasn’t convinced I’d like the photos as I felt a bit silly doing some of the poses, but now I have had my beautiful baby girl and have viewed the photos they are amazing and I’m so proud that I carried her, also captured my baby bump in the most perfect way. Brilliant way to remember/ look back on my bump!!! (As you do forget how big you can get.) I can’t recommend Jade enough, thank you so much for our forever photos.


I’ve seen Jade twice; I visited Jade a couple of months back for a maternity photo shoot, as I wanted to capture some timeless images during my first pregnancy. Jade was so professional and friendly she put me at ease throughout, as I spent most of the shoot in my underwear and some shots I was nude (which for most women would be an apprehensive thought even without being 7/8 months pregnant). I was able to be clear about what type of photos I wanted to create, and got to choose which outfits to wear, I only needed to bring black and white underwear, everything else was provided for. I also opted for the powder photo where Jade’s lovely assistant threw flour over me to get a beautiful shot, and didn’t mind at all that her clothes were also covered in flour in the process.

My second visit was a few weeks ago when I took my 3 week old baby boy for his newborn shoot. Again Jade was very professional and spoke to me and my husband about the type of photos we wanted and colour backdrops, outfits we wanted to use, if any. She handled Joel with care and worked to his timetable- we stopped when nappy changing and feeding was needed. We were both very pleased at the end result and couldn’t choose which photos to have so we had them all!

I’d definitely recommend x

Gemma Payne

Myself and my partner went to choose our photo package yesterday and all I can say is WOW!! The photos are absolutely perfect! I love each and everyone of them. When Jade sat us down to watch the slide show of Rosie and the family pictures it brought me to tears. It made me realise that our long journey of IVF, all the injections and hard times was a distant memory as we have our beautiful little Rosie now apart of our family finally. For me the pictures capture every last detail of how precious Rosie is to us and how our family is complete. I will treasure the pictures forever. The family photos are amazing and the picture of all 3 of our girls is incredible. I can honestly say you can tell Jade loves her job, she adds that small personal touch to every picture taken, every set up she chooses, and every position she places your baby in and you wouldn’t get anywhere else. An incredible person and an incredible photographer. Thank you again Jade for the beautiful photos and we cannot wait to use you again.

James Clayton

Excellent service and jade is so good with little ones. Had some amazing photos and even ordered a large glass picture for the wall at home. All packages are value to money and no pressure to buy. Would defiantly recommend. Thanks Jade


We booked in with Jade for the newborn photo shoot, when our Daughter was 2 weeks old. We hadn’t experienced anything like this before, and didn’t know what to expect. Jade made us feel very welcome and relaxed and explained everything to us along the way. There was no time limit for the photo shoot, which made us feel at ease. The photo shoot was a lovely experience and we would definitely do it again. When viewing the photos, it was a very calm atmosphere. Jade made us feel very relaxed when choosing our photos, and didn’t make us feel rushed at all. Choosing our photographs was very difficult as they were all beautiful! 
We are so happy with our photographs and canvas! Thank you Jade.


Thank you very much for the lovely images you took of Isabel they are beautiful. Also thank you for allowing us to have a 2nd attempt at the photo shoot as Isabel was a little upset and not her bubbly self you were amazing. I will highly recommend you to all others out there, friends and family. Can't thank you enough.

Andy Martin

Jade was absolutely incredible, she made the whole process easy. Jade was very professional and understood everything we wanted. Her flexibility made it easier for us especially having a new born. Would highly recommend to anyone who wanted to capture those special early days. 10/10 thank you x


I wanted to capture the beautiful experience of pregnancy. As soon as we met Jade she put me and my family (husband and toddler) at ease. She was very friendly and professional, took us through the process with patience. I had used one of the dress and head piece from her amazing maternity collection for the maternity shoot.

We also had our newborns photoshoot done few weeks ago. Again she was brilliant with him and handled the session with thorough professionalism. All the props she used for the shoot were so beautiful we couldn’t wait to see the results! It was more than we had expected. Both me and my husband are very happy with the whole experience.

We would definitely recommend!


We recently did a cake smash for our 1 year old daughter. The whole experience was really fun and our daughter instantly took to Jade. Thank you again for making her 1st birthday so memorable.


Would just like to say a massive thank you to jade for the amazing photos. You did an amazing job. You was very helpful in letting us have a second attempt as Isabel would not play ball the first time. I'm one happy mummy.



THANK YOU!!! Jade was amazing with our little boy Charlie. She was so patient settling him, resulting in some absolutely fab pics. All of which was fascinating to watch from jade soothing him to positioning him. We can not wait now to show off the prints. Thank you again. We will be back.


Amazing photos from the mini newborn shoot!! We really struggled to choose which 3 to have as they were all adorable. Jade really had to work for the shots she got as Penelope was really not playing ball bless her, but all the hard work (rocking and soothing her for over an hour) paid off! She has the patience of a saint! Would highly recommend. We can’t wait to come back and get some more lovely pictures as she gets older! Thank you.


Jade was brilliant with both our children (Florence who was just 2 weeks and Ethan who on that day was every inch a terrible 2). She was so patient and worked her magic and produced a stunning family shot (we’re still stumped as to how she did it) and beautiful portraits of Florence. This was all in the stifling heat and standard newborn poop explosions!! When we returned to choose they were all displayed to help us choose and there was no pressure as to what to have/ spend. We even changed the colours on some to make them work as a group display piece. Really happy and worth every penny also loved the gift bag with little treats as it made it feel much more personal and was a lovely touch x


Thank you for our lovely newborn and sitter photos!


I booked in at Inspirique as a surprise present for my at the time heavily pregnant fiancée! From the get go Jade was an absolute pleasure to work with and was so friendly yet professional! We both aren’t keen on having our photos taken but Jade couldn’t have done more to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. We’ve since received our photos and are over the moon.

I couldn’t recommend Jade (Inspirique) more and have since been for our newborn shoot! Look no further than here if you are after a quality, comfortable photo shoot!


Excellent experience in a warm and welcoming environment. Jade worked wonders with my son Charlie to achieve the perfect shots.

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Emma Platneur


Wow, just wow!!! I am a Mummy of four and after having my last daughter Effie, I finally decided to a have a newborn shoot after seeing Jade’s amazing work. I was not disappointed!!! Not only does Jade provide amazing photography but she makes the whole experience extremely enjoyable and special. Effie was only a few weeks old when we ventured over as a family 6. Effie was handled with care and love and Jade had this magical ability to keep her calm and content throughout the session. Jade was also kind and patient enough to take a picture of all four of our children (literally a genius!!). The way in which our images were displayed for us to choose from was beautiful, personal (and emotional). Everything is done with care. We love our prints and can not recommend Inspirique enough.