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Virtual pregnancy announcement ideas during the coronavirus

Finding out you're pregnant is such an exciting time, and it's even more exciting telling your loved ones. Although during the coronavirus outbreak it's not going to be as simple. You can't just pop to your parents, share the news over dinner and have lots of hugs and happy tears together. But that doesn't mean it has to be any less exciting for you, it just means you need to get more creative, and I'm sure with a couple of ideas listed here, it will get you thinking of your own. Please do share them with me too!

1 - Phone call:

It's probably the least creative idea, but the most simple, especially for Grandparents who may not know how to use video chat, or even have the device to attempt it. But there's nothing to say you can't get a little fancy with a phone call. They won't suspect anything with a routine phone call, so why not throw a hint in there and let them work it out. For example;

- Tell your Grandma you've been craving her cakes/ casserole - whatever it is she famously makes. If she doesn't work it out from that, tell her that the baby must like her Great-Grandma's food already. Make it personal!

- For parents who are a bit more tech-savvy, why not get a photo ready to send them mid call, then half way through say "I've just sent you something, take a look", and await their reaction.

- If you want to give a casual message to your sibling, call them and tell them your parents have just been crying to you down the phone, they'll naturally be concerned and ask why, then you can proceed to tell them "it must be because I told them I was pregnant" or something similar.

- Tell your friends you can no longer be a drinking or activity buddy. You could say something like "I have good news and bad news, the bad news is that I can't drink at/ proceed with {event}, but the good news is that it's because I'm having a baby".

There's plenty of ideas you can do with a phone call, think of something more meaningful to that person and it'll be even more special.

2 - Video call:

This is probably going to be your best bet if circumstances allow you to do this as you can see their reactions in real-time. However, if you don't usually video chat your family & friends, they may have some suspicion before the call even starts. If you want to make it less obvious, tell them during the time in isolation you want to transfer to video calls instead of phone as it's more personal. If you want to make it even less obvious, then have a couple of video chats about normal stuff before the big announcement. This way all suspicion would have gone as it's the new norm for you. You can do so much with a video call, for example;

- Show them a positive test, a scan photo or cute baby items mid conversation. Tell them you have something to show them and then suddenly flash it at the camera, no doubt they'll be shocked.

- Wear 'Mummy-to-be' & 'Daddy-to-be' t-shirts, or if you already have a child, have him/ her wear a 'big brother/ sister' tshirt. Start with your faces chatting and then get your full body in shot.

- Play a family game in a group chat. Making one of these games a secret pregnancy announcement. For example, create a riddle that they have to guess between them, do a quiz where all answers lead to something pregnancy related. Turn your usual favourite game to reveal an answer that is baby related. There's lots of ideas that can be made into a unique game here.

There's plenty of ideas you can do with a video call, but the best thing about it is that you can actually screen record from your device, meaning you'll have their reaction on file forever.

3 - Snail Mail:

It seems the most inconvenient, but it can be made fun if you think outside of the box. You could send someone an announcement in the post and link it with a phone call/ video call and ask them to open it during your chat so you get a live reaction. Just pop on the parcel "call before you open".

- Send a letter addressed to 'Nanny' for example, with a letter from the baby.

- Send a scan photo with a little message on.

- Send a parcel with a piece of fruit with a tag attached saying "this is how big I am".

- Send a t-shirt, mug or care package with a personalise message. For example 'Grandad'

There's so many ideas you could do to make this interesting. And who doesn't love to get a personal something in the post? You can hand deliver if you're local, which takes me to my next point. Or you can send the old fashioned way with a courier.

4 - A Distance Meeting:

If you're not in complete quarantine and are able to leave the house. There's a couple of ideas you can do in person, from a safe distance of course. This will be both lovely and hard as all you'll want to do is hug over the great news and you won't be able to. So if this will make you more emotional, stick to one of the virtual ideas.

- Stand at the end of their drive way and tell them the news face to face (keeping 2m distance obviously). It'll be the closest thing you can do compared to what you most likely would have done.

- You can get creative with a banner to hold up out of a car window, or attach to their garden wall, and then call them to look out of the door and you'll get to see their reaction in person.

- Leave a parcel with an announcement on their doorstep, knock and then stand back and watch them open it (make sure you packaged it with clean hands and tell them to wash theirs afterwards). But it'll be a fun way to tell them whilst still being there to witness it.

Hopefully that got your creative juices flowing, maybe you had a light bulb moment? If something has sparked in your mind but you're not quite

Things aren't perfect right now, but they still can be for you. And actually, it may be even more special as you've had to think of something you never would have initially. For example if you do screen record your friends & family's reactions, you can merge all of the clips together and have one video to show your baby when they're older. If you do send something in the post, keep a copy of it and show your child what you sent. If you decide to do something outside of someones house, film it or take photos so you have that as a keepsake too. We're normally too excited to share news that we never think to record people's reactions, so at least this way you'll have that memory, and what a great story to tell when this is all over.

I can't wait to see all of the pregnancy announcements with a twist! x


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