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150 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

It's that time of year again, Elf is back!! Do you love it or dread it? I can't personally wait until Martha is old enough to do things like this. At least I say that now, I might change my mind once the time comes. We were in Asda recently and I saw Mr Elf, sat on the shelf, and Martha grabbed him and wouldn't let go. She carried him around the whole store, and nothing I did to distract her would make her let go. So I had to buy him, he was only £3 so I thought I'd just make the purchase a year or two earlier than needed as she seemed to love it. Anyway, I walked out of Asda, and what did she do? Threw him on the floor, and has never wanted to touch him since.. Bloomin' kids!! So when the time does come in a year or two, I'll make the most of having him, and as I'm quite a creative person I think I'll end up enjoying it more than her.

Have you ever just got really comfortable in bed, warm, cosy, dozing off and suddenly sat up thinking.. ELF!! It happened to me last year when I was babysitting my friends children, I almost forgot to do it and of course I remembered just as I was nodding off. Well if that's you, then here's some ideas for you to save you the hassle of thinking on the spot when you just want to go to bed! Please do share with your friends :)