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Summer pregnancy survival guide

With the weather getting warmer by the day (although this is England, so it may snow tomorrow), I know how uncomfortable it can be for you pregnant ladies. As if you're not hot and bothered enough on the cooler days, the sun beaming down doesn't help things does it? I imagine everybody around you is so happy about the great weather, can't wait to whip their shorts out and begin getting some summer tan. Yet you're there avoiding every possible ray, air con on full blast, and still sweating. Not a good feeling is it? So here's some tips to keep cool, and most importantly comfortable during this heat. So you can enjoy being pregnant in this lovely weather.

Keeping Cool

- If you're at home, pop in for regular cool showers to keep your body temperature low. Remember to moisturise afterwards to avoid dry and itchy skin. Stretched skin caused by pregnancy weight gain is already dry, and the summer heat may sap your skin of much needed moisture.

- Keep a spray bottle of water with you at all times, a couple of sprays on your face, neck, arms and legs with keep you cool for a short while, perfect if you're out and about with no access to a shower.

- If you are out and about, apply sun cream with an SPF of at least 15 or higher before sitting in the sun, and don't forget to keep reapplying. This will also prevent dark spots and patches, usually affecting dark haired and skinned pregnant people.

- Try your best to keep in the shade, under the air con, or use a hand fan to keep cool. By doing this you'll not only feel more comfortable, but avoid developing a heat rash, caused by sweat. Pat the damp skin folds immediately to avoid this.

Food & Drink

- It goes without saying to drink lots of fluids and keep hydrated, pregnant or not. Also, dehydration can cause premature labour so it's extremely important to expecting women. But sports drinks with electrolytes can help replace a lot of salt and retain fluid. Speaking of which, minimize your salt intake, to combat retention.

- Eat hydrating snacks! If you're fed up with gulping litres of water, you'll be pleased to know certain foods can help keep you hydrated too! Snacks such as fruit (strawberries, pear, melon etc.), chopped veggies (carrots, cucumber, celery etc), salads, yoghurt, and even tomato sauce. These aren't the most filling foods, but they're good snacks to have on hand if you're in the heat.

- Make smoothies! These are super quick and easy to make by blending your favourite fruit and veg together. These are not only very refreshing and will help to keep you hydrated, but are healthy too!

- Stock up on ice poles. They're sugary so not the healthiest, but it's a more enjoyable alternative to drinking juice. If you don't fancy flavoured icepoles, make your own ice lolly's with just water. You can get the ice lolly moulds fairly cheap from places like Wilko's.

- Be careful with BBQ food, things like coleslaw and potatoe salad (or anything that's usually kept in the fridge) that's left in the sun can go sour and cause an upset stomach, the last thing you and baby want.


- Wear loose none clingy, lighter fabrics and lighter coloured clothing, a maxi dress is perfect for pregnant women in hot weather. The breeze gets under the skirt area yet the dress keeps your skin covered. Perfect combo!

- Get your flip flops on. These are cheap and cheerful if you don't own any already. Places like Primark sell these for a couple of pounds. Keeping your feet cool will actually help regulate the rest of your body temperature. Although, on the downside, they're not the most safest of shoes, and they don't give great support. But they're great for lounging around in.

- If you're unsure about what's best to wear, experiment with different styles. Not only to see what looks best, because let's face it, you've probably stopped caring about what you look like by now right? But see what feels and fits best. Try many different styles, strapless, wraps, halter etc.

Top Tips

- Keep your feet up to alleviate swelling, and with this comes a great excuse to get your other half/ friends/ family to do the chores, great right?

- If you're sat outside in the garden, keep your feet in a cold pool, you can get one of those tiny round kids pools from places like Argos for under £5. Or if you don't have the energy to get to the shops, a simple washing up bowl filled with cold water will do. You could even take this to the park with you!

- Keep your hair up, or if you feel like being a bit more extreme, get a hair cut. Keep the cool breeze on your neck, and avoid your hair causing a heat rash.

- Of course it goes without saying to seek professional advice from your doctor or midwife if you have any problems or are unsure of anything.

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