Our mini Nottingham Panthers fan...

As many of you know, I'm a big Nottingham Panthers ice hockey fan. I don't do sport, I've never liked or understood it. But after a random date night we instantly loved it, went to every game from that night and are now in our second year of holding season tickets. I'd recommend it to anybody wanting a fun night out with a great atmosphere that is also family friendly. Just don't stand up whilst the game is in play, otherwise you will annoy people and you will be shouted at!!

For every newborn photoshoot I do, I ask the parents if they have any hobbies or interests that they'd like me to incorporate into their session, so it seemed only right to photograph Martha with ours! After all, she was a fan before she was even born! I had an anterior placenta meaning I didn't feel her as much as normal, but at every match when Chelsea Dagger was played (the song which is played after every goal), she'd kick me like crazy, it was guaranteed!

I even used Panthers to tell Joe I was pregnant. I just had to do something with this theme as it means a lot to us. I made this big cosy den in the living room, pulled the TV into the teepee, dragged the mattress downstairs, filled it with lights, blankets and pillows, and made lots of nibbles. Including a chocolate fountain, yum! When he got home he just thought I’d planned an over the top date night. 5 minutes after sitting in here I handed him the box with the baby grow and pregnancy test (I did 16 tests in total, just to be sure, but I thought it might be overwhelming putting them all in haha). He cried, I cried. It was so emotional and we were both so happy and excited, it didn’t feel real.

We have three Panther's babygrows for her, which were ready and waiting before she was even here. This first photo was taken at 41 weeks pregnant, and the second photo was Martha at 10 weeks old.

This was Martha at her first game, at just 9 days old..

She's grown a bit since then... She's not like your average baby girl with princess and unicorn teddy's, she has a Paws teddy (Panthers mascot)! Haha.

She loves it, she has a bottle during the warm up, gets popped into the sling and she doesn't even flinch throughout the whole match.

A few photos from our latest games, she's now been to 12 games, and we have 3 games coming up so by the end of the week she would have been to 15 at 3 months old.

Now what you came here to see, Martha's mini Panthers themed photoshoot, at just 26 days old. A huge thank you to Rob Pacey who lent me his official playing kit for a few days in order to take these photos!

She only just fit into the goalie catcher, the chunk!