Event #30 - Baby Sensory with Phillipa Grounds from Little Glow North Leicestershire

If you don't already know about it, I recently set up a pregnancy and new Mummy support group during the Coronavirus outbreak, which you can read about here. Within this I've set up virtual events so you don't miss out on your usual classes and appointments during this time, you can see all future upcoming events here.

Our 30th online event was with Phillipa Grounds from Little Glow North Leicestershire. Phillipa has pre-recorded some videos with the following titles. Try them at home with your little one and share your photos/ videos.

Video 1/7 - About Little Glow

Video 2/7 - How to make a ribbon box for babies

Video 3/7 - How to make rainbow spaghetti

Video 4/7 - How to make sensory bags for babies

Video 5/7 - How to paint using cling film

Video 6/7 - Peeling tape activity for babies

Video 7/7 - Why sensory play is important for babies

So if you missed them within the group or want to watch it again, here it is..

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