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The business is expanding...

I have some very exciting news to share with you all... We're expanding... Me quite literally!

I've been much quieter than usual, and this is why! My days are now spent leaning over the toilet, getting emotional for no reason, having major mood swings and eating weird things... oh the joys of pregnancy!

Luckily with doing this amazing job I get to see what the end result is, and I know it'll all be worth it!! This now means I'll be taking a couple of weeks maternity leave during August and September. But I'll keep you updated over on my Facebook page with dates etc.

The photo above was the pregnancy announcement I created for my business pages, but here's what I created for my personal profile to announce to friends and family. Everyone knows I already have a (fur) baby, my beautiful Binxie! So of course I had to involve her...

Binxie has some very exciting news to share.. She's going to be promoted to big sister in August! As you can see, she's very busy doing her research for the new arrival!

We've had 4 scans so far! We had our first scan at 6 weeks just for reassurance, but baby wasn't quite showing, so we went back a week later at 7 weeks gestation, and this was the little peanut. We also heard the heartbeat and of course I'm an emotional wreck at the moment so I just sobbed (happy tears).

We then had a 9 week scan, and 'it' started to look like a baby shape...

Then our last scan was at 12 weeks, once again I cried! I could actually see a real baby and I couldn't stop staring at the screen, in complete awe that the little wriggle bum was actually inside my body, it's so incredible as a Mummy to be to see this.

I get to hear so many of your pregnancy stories, so I'll be sure to share my journey with you all, the next post will be following our gender scan... BOY or GIRL. What's your guess!?

If you're interested in following my pregnancy journey, I'll be updating the blog regularly so keep an eye out! Search the category Personal Pregnancy Journey in the blog for all related posts!

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