The reality of having a baby

If you're pregnant, congratulations! Here is a little light hearted humour for you to get a glimpse of what you can expect. Because people only tell you the good, not the bad or the ugly. If you've had a baby yourself, you may be able to relate with some of the following too.

Disclaimer: this wasn't written to scare or worry anyone. Remember, all labours and birth stories are different. No two people have the exact same experience and everyone handles it differently. Yours might be the total opposite to this.


#1 - You’ll get to a point at the end of pregnancy where you feel like you could easily be mistaken for a whale.

#2 - Waiting, waiting, lots and lots of waiting. They say they'll be back soon, but they don't come.

#3 - Labour and birth.. yes it hurts but women are made for this. Power through, it's so worth it.

#4 - Seeing and holding your baby for the first time is magical, you instantly forget what just happened.

#5 - After what you've just been though, you'd open your legs to anyone. Time for stitches!