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Event #21 - Hynobirthing course 2/4 with Pooja Mistry from Sweet Bliss Births

If you don't already know about it, I recently set up a pregnancy and new Mummy support group during the Coronavirus outbreak, which you can read about here. Within this I've set up virtual events so you don't miss out on your usual classes and appointments during this time, you can see all future upcoming events here.

Our 21st online event is part 2/4 of the live hynobirthing & perinatal wellbeing course - slow it down (progressive muscle relaxations) with Pooja Mistry from Sweet Bliss Births


Pooja is offering £50 off any bookings made for her full group hypnobirthing course. That’s up to 10 hours of teaching time for you and your birth partner with all MP3’s, flashcards and affirmation cards. Just add the promo code: THANKSJADE when booking on or message Pooja quoting THANKSJADE

Disclaimer: Please be aware, Sweet Bliss Births is not liable and holds no responsibility for the outcome of your birth experience. By practicing the techniques watched on replay you take full responsibility for your well being. Relaxations should be done in a safe environment where there is someone to support you should you require it. Sweet Bliss Births will not offer any clinical advice, any advice given is anecdotal. Any medical advice must be sought by the participant (yourself) from a relevant medical professional. The information shared here should not be shared with a third party without the consent of Sweet Bliss Births and should be for your personal use only.

So if you missed it within the group or want to watch it again, here it is..


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